Why You Should ALWAYS Leave a Comment.


First I would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2015 🙂 Now lets start out the new year discussing why you should leave a comment when you visit my online marketing blog. I mean you took the time to read my latest marketing news so why should you always leave a comment…

Blog Commenting is Golden To Your Own Online Business!

 Besides the fact that its makes bloggers like myself feel good that people really do care about what I have to say about online marketing, there are actually some beneficial reasons for you to leave a comment anytime I do a blog post.

Here are Six Reasons Why You Should Always Leave a Comment.

  • Gain traffic back to your Website.
  • Build backlinks to your blog.
  • Build a relationship with the other blogger or the community.
  • Increase your authority as an expert.
  • Improve your search ranking with the search engines.
  • Because they appreciate and know how hard the job of blogging really is!

To encourage my followers to leave a comment, I actually use a wordpress plugin called Commentluv. This really cool plugin allows anyone that leaves a comment a direct backlink  showing their last blog post. For instance, Chris Cole wrote a comment on my post called My Three Biggest Marketing Mistakes of 2014 and as you can see below his comment is a direct link to his latest blog post.


A Special Thank You To EVERYONE Who Has Ever Left A Comment on My Marketing Blog.

I do have a comments policy where I reserve the right to delete any comment that is inappropriate, spam, advertising, offensive, profane, or for whatever reason is not wanted.  That’s the right of the blogger.  I try to leave comments that disagree with me and have only deleted a handful of comments in two years.

P.S. Don’t forget to leave a comment 🙂 LOL

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