Why Do Most People Fail Online?


Now if you talk to most Internet marketers, advanced or newbie, one of the common phrases you will hear is “95% of people trying to make money online will fail while only 5% will succeed”. So with such a low percentage of success online, why do most people fail? why is it that a small group of people succeed while a large amount fail online. After spending a few days doing some research, here is the three main reasons why I believe most people fail online.

Reason #1 – Information Over-load

Now there  are literally thousands of ways to make money online? The problem is when you get over-loaded with the type of information to do so. For example when you check your email, how many times have you noticed a new program or product that will show you how to make money online. The simple fact is most of these products will work but it does take time, If you have been told that you can make a lot of money within a short time of period, I personally believe that cannot be done; especially if you are a complete newbie. There are steps you will need to learn before that can be done. In this business its easy to get over-loaded with information to the point where it does not even make any sense. If you are at this stage in your business, you will need to take a look at what you are doing and reorganize so it makes sense to you.

Reason #2 – Focus & Execution

So now you have cut out the information over-load, you have finally decided to follow a program and see what happens. Well this brings me to reason #2. As the Internet gets bigger and new things are created, its so easy to lose focus. Think about it for a minute, besides trying to make money online, what else do you use the Internet for? well let me give you some examples…did you see that latest youtube video where the monkey drives a car or did you make sure and check  on all your facebook friends status, and don’t forget about that Playstation for sale for like ten bucks on craigslist?

Hope you get the point 🙂 There are so many things you can do with the Internet its so easy to lose focus on what you are trying to accomplish. As a newbie online, you will quickly learn that it takes around seven dedicated hours per week to your online business if you want it to succeed. Make sure and spend some time doing what you need to get done then head over to youtube, facebook, myspace, or whatever site you like to visit.

Now once you get the focus to do what you need to get done, make sure and execute it! Basically what ever program you invest your hard earned money on, don’t try and find any loop holes to get it done quicker. You will need to make sure you are following every step as explained during the training of the program.

As long as you get the focus and execution with the understanding that its not gonna happen over night, you will eventually start to succeed online.

Reason #3 – No one can fail, they just quit

Alright so now you know that you will need to concentrate on just a few ways to make money online, you will need to give it the focus and execution it deserves. So the most important reason why I personally believe the cause of why 95% of people will fail online is they simply quit. Its hard for people to understand that it takes time and dedication to reach success. When people see little to no results, they simply tell themselves that it will not work, its a waste of time and money, and next thing you know with that type of mentality they push the “I quit” button.

let me ask you a question, lets say you put three months and around a thousand dollars into a project you where working on, you then spent around three hours a day for those three months creating a product you thought was gonna make you a well deserved income. Next you launch that product and next thing you know it fails miserably, I mean on launch day you only make a few sales and within a week your new product quickly dies out. Finally after all that hard work you make just enough money to make up what you spent in the first place…what would you’re mind set be? would you be ready to quit? would you think it did not work?

The reason I can ask you that simple question is because it happened to me? In the early days I spent some money, created my first website, and watched it fail. Now I could of easily told myself that Internet marketing does not work, it would of been so easy to think of all the negative things I could of said about making money online but I did the opposite, I didn’t give up, I simply moved forward and continued to learn more about Internet Marketing.

These are my three top reason why I believe most people fail online. Now I know there are more reasons why so I would like for you to comment and share what you believe is your number one reason why people fail online.

Take a few minutes and write about a bad experience or if you thinking about quieting, let me know why?

I hope I can help you reach that road to success but without knowing what you need, its gonna be difficult if not impossible!


Edson Buchanan

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