What A Winter 2008 – Car Accident Report! – Thank You!


Hi Everyone

What a winter it has been here in Oregon for my family and myself. Snow is a common thing is the northwest but we usually only get two to maybe three inches. Its not even Christmas yet, and is  we have had an amazing 13 inches of snow and its still snowing like crazy around here.

According to the weatherman, (which they are usually 75% wrong, except maybe this time) we are supposed to get snow for the next five more days which will lead to another five to eight inches of snow. The last time I saw this kind of snow was back in 1995 when we reached two feet of snow in five days. Then I was living up in the hills with my Mother.

Now as many of you may know my wife and I where involved in a car accident a few days ago. It was one of those things that just cant be explained. We where on I-84 going around fifty miles an hour (lots of cars where passing us).  on a very icy and snowy freeway. As we headed up a hill, my truck started to slide sideways heading towards the medium. Next thing you know, we slammed into the medium which threw the truck back towards the other side. We ended up about fifteen feet up a hill side in two feet of snow.

My wife and I both got back injuries but we are doing a lot better now. Here are the pictures of our truck we just purchased in July.

The driver side hit the main impact on the medium. I was amazed that the light didn’t shatter though the blinker light no longer works.

The back side I think hit the medium some how, really not sure how, you really don’t know how things happen when they happen so fast. It is really amazing that there was really no other damage.

After being released from the hospital, I decided to write a quick email to all my subscribers and tell them what had happened. I did not check my email for two days due to all the medication the doctor had me on, in fact I was asleep for almost two straight.

When I finally awoke, I checked my email and I was amazed to see over seventy five emails from my subscribers telling me to get well soon. This seriously touched my heart to know that people care about each other even when we have never met face to face.

So from my family to everyone that wrote  in, Thank you for your support and may God Bless each and everyone of you and your family.

I would like to bring one person to attention that really lightened up my day. She sent a video and said ” I hope this amazing video brings cheer and happiness to you and your family”

I was so amazed at the video I wanted to post it on my own blog and hope to all that watches it the same thing to their family. once again, Thank you for your comments.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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