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Do you know what exit traffic can do for your online business? well if your like me you probably have looked at hundreds of websites while doing searches on Google. Now one of the most common things amongst Internet marketing websites is the dreaded exit traffic pop up, you know when you try to leave and they just don’t want you to leave so they send you to another page offering a discount, opt-in, and even another offer. Now I will agree exit traffic is a great way to increase your website traffic but personally for myself, its super annoying when someone sends me through a exit traffic process that takes me five to seven exit pages…you know that wait I’ll give you a $10 discount, wait again I now give you a $20 discount, and finally this is my last offer I will sell it for only $7 bucks…and the cycle goes on and on. Do leave a comment and let me know if I’m the only person in the world that feels its super annoying to offer so many discounts and opt-ins while trying to leave a website.

Now I’m not saying exit traffic is a bad thing, surely increased website traffic is something every online business wants but I believe there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. So check out my video that will show you how I use exit traffic and why you should follow my lead and not get stuck as one of those annoying website owners that forces discount after discount to an already annoyed viewer who is trying to leave.

So now that we learned what do with exit traffic, the next question would be is it worth investing in exit traffic software that will allow you to create that exit page for your online website. Well if you can see the positive behind building a list and making more money while adding an extra page that allows people to view before they leave, then you will agree that exit traffic is a must have for any website owner.

Just remember, People that come to your website are real people, they are not robots that like to view page after page while trying to leave a website. if they are not interested in what you have to offer then simply use one exit opt-in page to try and capture there name and email or if you are truly trying to make a sale then use one discount page with the lowest price you would be willing to sell your product for. The idea you will get better results while annoying the hell out of your viewers is simply untrue.

I remember a website that I viewed where the product started at $97. It was a type of software that would allow me to automatically update my twitter account. Now I really had no intentions in buying it but figured I would book mark it. After I book marked it, the exit page funnel began…At first it gave me a $20 discount so I simply clicked on the no thanks button and another discount came this time taking $60 bucks off the original price so by this time I’m getting irritated so i clicked on the no thanks again and what do you know another exit script pop-up saying this is the last discount…buy the complete software for only $17 bucks. I stared at the screen and was amazed that people would take a product worth $97 and sell it for only $17 in hopes to make a sale. They never asked for my name or email and finally at the last exit pop-up they even offered me something completely unrelated to the software product I was actually looking at. So at the end, I removed the book-mark and have never looked at that site again.

I’m sure there are thousands of these exit traffic stories and if you have something to share please do leave a comment

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