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Alright so I have to admit something which i wish wasn’t true. Although I have been working online full time sense 2012 (2008-2012 it was just a hobby) I never took the time to learn about the warrior forum. I mean I registered and posted a few things but that’s about all.

So when Raimunda M Junior reached out on FaceBook to give me a review copy of his new course Unstoppable Forum Traffic, I told him the same thing I just admitted to you. Raimunda really urged me to take a look at his course and even said I would learn a few new things I never even knew.

Well he was right!

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Unstoppable Forum Traffic is a 26 report that covers seven of the best ways to use the warrior forum to get affiliate sales and build a mailing list. There are a few things in the report that most marketers will already know like creating a forum signature and of course posting on the forum to get traffic to your signature.

But there is also some really cool ninja tactics I had never even heard of but I could totally see the potential in using the warrior forum to drive massive amounts of targeted leads to my squeeze page. Without giving to much away, I will tell you that you will learn how to get opt-in from the warrior room which I know not many marketers are doing.

Finally Unstoppable Forum Traffic goes into how to get traffic from the warrior forum without even using the forum. This strategy is so complex, Raimunda gives a bonus report talking about what you need to do to show up on the forum without using it. I will tell you now, its amazing!

So I finally learned why I need to use the Warrior Forum and I will defiantly be on their more often as I now know what to do to make it work for my business. Unstoppable Forum Traffic is a great read for those of you that are new to the forum or for those that want to learn a few more tricks to add to your marketing tools.



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