Twenty Minute Video By David Orchard – My Complete Review


David Orchard is launching a video production series called Twenty Minutes Video. Basically David guaranteed you will be able to make professional looking videos within twenty minutes or less after you watch how he creates his videos. I was able to gain access prior to launch and now I want to provide what I thought about Twenty Minute Video Series. Remember you can always watch Twenty Minutes Video Review.

Alright so what is twenty minute video? According to David, twenty minute video is a fast start to creating professional videos. As a marketer who loves to create videos for my followers, I was glad to see a membership that really broke down step by step and showed its members what you need to do in order to create professional videos. Now instead of overloading your mind with information, David breaks down the course into short easy to follow videos.

My biggest concern when I see video production memberships is usually the cost. I’ve seen other marketers as well as online companies charge $97 – $997 to learn how to create professional videos but I was pleasantry surprised David was going to keep his membership extremely affordable when it launches. So knowing that it will be well worth it as well as very affordable, the only question would be, is this course for you?

If you are already using video marketing for your online business (YOU SHOULD BE) then I would recommend you pick up your copy of Twenty Minute Video because I know it will teach you a few things you probably don’t know about video production. Now if you don’t have a YouTube Account and have never thought about doing Video marketing (YOU SHOULD BE) then I would suggest you stay away from this course because it will just sit on your hard drive.

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