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I have had the pleasure of talking with Chris Cole on FaceBook and when he told me about his new product Tube Traffic Blueprint, I was really excited because I love using Youtube for traffic and I’m always looking forward to learning something new to do with Youtube Traffic. So after reading Tube Traffic Blueprint, I was blown away with how much Chris revealed for such a little price tag.

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The Sales Page –


The thing I like about products that are launched on the WSO forum is that its hard to provide crap and get away with it. The warrior forum allows real life people to buy a product, test it out, and then right away leave a comment. So when it comes to launching products using the WSO method, you better make sure you have a good freaking product otherwise other marketers will know right away that your product does not work.

So in the case of Tube Traffic Blueprint, I was able to read several positive reviews of Chris Cole’s product and after reviewing it myself, I left a positive comment. The sales page was well written without all the huge hype you sometimes see with other products. Although Chris shows some screen shots of his online earning, they are not outrages, you know the screen shots that show 30k in one day…(Bull Shit!!)

The Members Area:



The tube traffic blueprint members area is very well put together with a very easy to follow navigation system. Chris starts out with a thank you video which I always enjoy because it makes it more personal. Chris explains how to download your main product as well as the bonus products. I really enjoyed the members area because it was very easy to use and download my products.

My Final Thoughts:

Chris Cole launched Tube Traffic Blueprint on WSO which provided real life testimonials. The members area was very well put together and easy to navigate. my overall thoughts on Tube Traffic Blueprint is that its worth the small price tag and I actually think Chris could of charged alot more. As long as you are willing to take the time to implement the strategies inside Tube Traffic blue print, you will see an increase in affiliate commissions as well as rank your videos better than most on youtubers.

Great Product Chris Cole.

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