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My good friend and marketing buddy Saul Maraney has just released a new marketing product called Tube Ranking Control. Saul took some time out of his busy schedule and we sat and talked about Tube ranking control during our seven minute interview on December 17th 2014. Saul gave me a break down on what his latest product is about and even talked about the one time offer.

Now I was lucky enough to get a copy of Tube Ranking Control and give it my complete review.

The Sales Page:


Tube Ranking Control first starts off with a nice intro video with my main man Saul Mareny himself and then goes straight into how to rank a review video on the first page of Google within twenty three minutes. Now when a marketer wants to show you that what he has to offer actually works by doing it himself, well it makes that much easier to take part of such a great product.

The sales page then continues with what the product is about and then shows actual testimonials from other marketers who tried out Tube Ranking Control. There is never any lead on that you will make thousands per month with little work which is something I enjoy seeing in a sales page. I get tired of the traditional sales page that tries to brain wash the buyer by thinking they wont have to work to make money online.

My Review:

The fastest way to see if a product actually works is by testing it out and see if you can get the same results as the creator. So after watching the very short video that will teach you step by step how to rank product reviews video, I ranked a video for reviewing Tube Ranking Control. Here is my results:


So as you can see my result from following Tube Ranking Control was indeed what Saul Maraney teaches. So when you learn how to review videos on Google and you create a few hundred videos, you can have a nice little income on auto-pilot. I know of thousands of programs out there and I will be spending a few hours a day creating these review videos and ranking them high on Google.

Great product Saul Maraney

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