Triple Your eBay Auction Traffic With eBay To Go!


 eBay To Go is a going to change the way we look at ebay in the social network. eBay To Go is a free widget or pieace of code that allows anyone (even non-registered users) to showcase one to ten favorite ebay items on thier blog or favorite social networking sites.

eBay To Go allows you to showcase your items for 120 days. After this time, you put in certain keywords in the search and it will find other items to sell on the same widget. Now why is this important?

Well, if you use the keywords that best describe your auctions, then ebay to go will work with your store very well.

Here is some of the sites eBay To Go works on

  1. Myspace

  2. Blogger

  3. WordPress Blog

  4. Yahoo 360

  5. Tagged

  6. And More.

 I have been using this tool on my eBay blog and have seen a great increase in traffic, I would highly recommend you try this widget out for your own eBay Auctions.

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