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Social bookmarking is one of the major lifeblood for your websites. Building relationships with people that are targeted to a specific ninche can build back-links for your business as well as responsive readers. You will need to create an awesome social bookmarking network if you want to have successful websites.

There are nearly hundreds of social bookmarking sites on the internet so it can be hard to figure out which are worth submitting your content to and which should be left alone. The largest social bookmarking sites will give you the chance to take your article or content and spread it around the internet, in the process creating a lot of your back linking work for you.

I have compiled a list of what I feel are the top 20 most visited social bookmarking sites as of June 2010. I have also included the estimated unique monthly visitors next to them so you will know what type of traffic can be generated when you submit your content to it.

Website – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

1 | twitter80,500,000

As facebook is looked at as a social networking site, Twitter is by far the biggest of the social bookmarking sites. There are over 85 million users a month and it does not look like its going to slow down anytime soon. One of the greatest features with Twitter is the process of building a massive following only to have your followers re-tweet what they feel is great information. This will surely create a lot of visitors as well as track-back articles to your site.

2 | digg45,000,000

Digg is the next biggest social bookmarking site. The main difference or better put advantage over Twitter is that any links to your site on Digg count as backlinks. As an experienced marketer should already know backlinks make up a massive part of the Google algorithm and by using Digg, you are guaranteeing your articles first backlink. Make sure and add friends and get involved in the Digg community and you will surely see an increase in backlinks and traffic back to your site.

3 | reddit16,500,000

Reddits community is growing rapidly. Links about news or current affairs tend to fair particularly well on Reddit, as well as humor and bizarre articles, however it a good place to submit any new article or site.

4 | StumbleUpon16,000,000

5 | Yahoo! Buzz14,000,000

6 | kaboodle6,000,000

7 | delicious5,500,000

8 | tweetmeme5,450,000

9 | Technorati4,400,000

10 | mixx2,600,000

11 | FARK1,850,000

12 | Slashdot1,700,000

13 | clipmarks1,400,000

14 | newsvine1,390,000

15 | diigo1,200,000

16 | Propeller1,000,000

17 | Mister-Wong800,000

18 | dzone600,000

19 | faves400,000

20 | twine300,000

There are a lot more social bookmarking websites but they do not have close to the same amount of visitors as the top 20 I have provided. As long as you submit your content and articles to these sites, in a matter of time you are guaranteed to receive more traffic and backlinks to your website.

Thanks for checking out my post about the Top 20 Social Book Marking Sites, if you have any questions please do leave a comment and I will get back to you asap.


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