My Three Biggest Marketing Mistakes of 2014


First I want to start off by saying Happy New Year ūüôā May 2015 be better than 2014 because you cannot do anything about the past, you can only change the future. In my last blog post of 2014 ¬†I want to talk about my three biggest marketing mistakes of 2014 in hopes that you can find some useful information and hopefully not make the same mistakes I made.

Here is my last YouTube video of 2014 which I talk about my three biggest marketing mistakes of 2014.

I would like to let you know that I will be discussing my mistakes from least to greatest but remember these are the three biggest mistakes I made so all three are very important to me and I want to make sure and not make the same mistakes in 2015.

My Three Biggest Marketing Mistake of 2014 #3

I really lacked in the networking department. I got comfortable with the people I have met to be affiliates for the past few years and didn’t really look outside my circle. Now there is nothing wrong with have a good group of people to joint venture but one thing I have learned late in 2014 was to always network and continue to grow relationships.

Now just this month I have been able to meet new marketers like Saul Maraney, Nathan Zadworny, Chris Cole, Jai Sharma, Shawn Brown, Zac Loveday, David Orchard and so many more in just one month. I look forward in continuing this trend into 2015.

My Three Biggest Marketing Mistake of 2014 #2

I didn’t launch as many products as I would like in 2014. I concentrated way to much on my main membership site Resell Rights Plus and didn’t launch smaller sites that could of easily made me 2k – 5k a launch. I’m very ¬†proud of my membership site and I know that it will be the center stone of my successful online business but it did take me nine months to complete and I have not even done an official launch (Official Launch Coming January 2015).

Now in 2015 I plan on launching between 4-6 smaller websites that will help people make money online. These products will focus on one thing at a time and I will make sure and continue to network so when its time to launch, I will have hundreds if not thousands of  affiliates promoting my latest product.

My Three Biggest Marketing Mistake of 2014 #1

Now the biggest mistake of 2014 for my online business had to be depending on eBay for over 75% of my income. Now if you want to know more about what happened to my eBay business I suggest you read my earlier blog post How To Get Back on eBay After Suspension and you will understand what happened.

The thing I know is that I depended way to much on eBay to make my online income and although I still sell on eBay (not as much as I used to) I no longer depend on eBay for my monthly income.

So those are my three biggest marketing mistakes of 2014. I do hope you where able to pick up some things on what NOT to do in 2015 and I look forward in either working with you or providing quality reviews and ways to make money online.

Here is to our success in 2015

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