My New Blog – Thesis Review And Quixotic Media Testimonial


Alright after some brain storming and rethinking of what type of information I wanted to provide on my blog I have finally got a complete makeover. My blog is now geared towards helping people succeed online. Just like the headlines state,  this blog is intended for “NO HYPE MARKETING”.

Now when I talk about no hype marketing, I’m really talking about providing quality content that is going to help you (the reader) use the same methods and steps I use to succeed online. My goal is to make sure and try products out before ever promoting it on my blog. This way people can have a true understanding if a product really worked or not. The way I look at it is “Your Success is My Success”.

So what type of blog do I have and who did the kick ass layout and graphics?

First off, this is the thesis theme which in my mind is the best wordpress theme known to man. The layout is super easy to use and you can customize almost any part of your blog with a push of a button. Its simply a rock-solid foundation behind a wordpress blog. I would definitely recommend thesis. If you have been looking for a wordpress blog theme that is SEO ready, incredible design flexibility, and lighting fast loading times then Thesis is what you need for your blog theme.

Now if you are short on time and really would rather have someone create your own personal word-press blog with thesis themes, then you don’t need to look any further than Quixotic Media. These guys simply provide the best service for thesis themes. This is my review of Quixotic Media or better put my personal testimonial.

First off, this is not my first thesis theme from Quixotic Media. About a year ago I had them make my last theme which was based more on eBay. In fact the header was really cool with a cartoon character of me with the words “The eBay Guy” underneath it. They really did a great job on the first time around so I knew where to turn to for my latest blog.

David Alexander is one of the guys that works for Quixotic Media. David has always been there for my blog. He always notifies me when there is a new thesis upgrade and also advises me about there other services such as SEO, custom twitter backgrounds, youtube backgrounds, and more. As one of the creator on my latest blog, the new theme speaks for itself. I absolutely love it.

I created a short video showing David what I wanted for my latest blog and within a few hours they began creating my new theme. It took around three days to complete everything I needed.  During the process David kept me informed via skype of the changes and always gave me a helping hand for learning how to do somethings myself.

Now that my new thesis theme complete, I absolutely love everything about it. The best part it was a vision I had on paper and with a great company like Quixotic Media it easily became a reality.

Thanks David and Quixotic Media for everything.

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Edson Buchanan is a successful internet marketer who has helped hundreds of people work from home. He provides top quality training and is also the founder of this blog.

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