Surviving The Summer – Keeping Your Business afloat!


So June has already come to the new year. With summer at full throttle, it means its time for hanging out in the sun with family and friends. The computer turns into just another item in your house to clean the dust off. So how do you grow your business with the weather so great?

I’m as guilty as everyone when it comes to just taking time in my busy summer schedule to make sure and keep my business afloat. With the kids out of school and vacations planned, I tend of concentrating more on daily events than my own Internet business.

so what are some things you can do to make sure your Internet business will continue to grow while you are enjoying another summer? well, I have thought of whats most important for my business and have come up with three things I will try and do thought the summer so I keep visitors coming while the cash keeps building.

Three ways to keep your Internet Business afloat in the summer:

1. Create or post on your own blog.

if you have not created a blog to promote who you are and what you sell, you need to do it. This way people will know who you are and what you are about. Now if you do have a blog, I would recommend trying to post at least one post a week. so four posts a month. Now I’m guilty of forgetting to do this but I have made a promise to myself I will try and get this done each week.

Now make sure and spread out your posts, don’t just post about marketing products always using your affiliate link. Its nice to give a post about how you have improved your business. If you go on vacation, take some pictures and blog about it, show your readers that you want to share your experiences with them.

2. email your subscriber list.

All year long  you work on growing your subscriber list because by now you should know the money is in the list. Now with summer here, don’t forget to promote products that you know will bring in some money. Don’T let your list sit there without hearing from you for months at a time. they might just cancel if one in three months you talk with them.

Now if you use aweber, they allow you to set follow up emails. This is a great way to let people hear from you every couple weeks. Make sure and head over to clickbank and start promoting products that has to do with your niche.  Add these promotions as a follow up email every couple of weeks to your list.

3. Finish what you started.

If you want to succeed online, then you know you must create your own product. Now summer time for me is the hardest time to get this done because of the time constraint. But I do have a few products that I just have never finished but might need a little bit and it will be done.

so spend two hours a week working on what you started. If you have a product that is almost done, spend a little time getting it done. This way when fall comes again, you will be ready to work on your next big thing.

I’m sure if you think about it there are many more things that could easily help your business grow in the summer time. the three above is what I plan on working on. I know driving traffic to your sites is another big one but I believe you will be able to increase traffic with some of the ideas I have given.

If you have another idea that benefits you in the summer, please leave a comment and tell my readers about it.

To Your Success

Edson Buchanan

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