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what a crazy week of marketing. I launched my new membership Resell Rights Plus. I continued to create video review for new product that have been coming out, I started creating two minute review videos for the resell rights products inside RRP to drive more targeted traffic, and finally I started my Sunday night marketing chat where I’m live on air answering questions my subscribers and fans have about online marketing.

So if you have been told you can make money while you sleep with a push of a button, this is the furthest from the truth and it does not nor will it ever exist. Online marketing when done right is a full time job. There is no easy button and you will only make what you put in. If you continue to go from product to product, than that is what you will get out of it.

Sunday Night Chat with Edson Buchanan 1/25/2014

Now a little about my Sunday Night Chat. I want to help you grow your online business that is the main reason why I started a Live Google Hangout every Sunday at 7 pm Pacific Time. I will be live on air waiting to answer any marketing questions you may have. This week we focused on the launch of my new product Resell Rights Plus.

We discussed what Resell Rights Plus is and how it can help you grow your online business. Resell Rights Products is one of the best ways to expand your online business because they are always coming out with new products almost daily. This business model with never get saturated because it is always updating with new products.

Besides Resell Rights Plus we also discussed a little about eBay and how to add more targeted keywords to your eBay Auction. Inside my training video, How To Make Money Selling Nothing on eBay, I talked about using keywords like “stop buying ebooks on eBay, secret revealed”. Now I want you to understand, if you are not getting the results, you will need to start trying out more keywords and see if you can improve your add.

Alright that was about it for this weeks Sunday Night Chat. I hope to see you online next week. Remember if you would like me to answer your question live on air, send me an email to support [at]

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