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So what does it take to become successful online? What factors determine if you are a successful marketer? is it the money? the people you help? the products you create? what are some of the best successful marketing strategies? last month I talked about why most people fail online and with the amount of comments and feedback I received via email I wanted to share with you the three biggest successful marketing strategies that will help you achieve your online goals.

Strategy  #1 – Online Presence

If people don’t know who you are or why you do what you do, why do you think they will want your help? building an online presence is very important to anyone that wants to succeed online. you need to get your name out there so people can recognize you and will be able to relate with what you do.Now lately you might of heard the big news that facebook is overtaking Google for the best marketing platform. This alone should let you know the importance of getting an online presence.

Knowing the facebook fact, its important that you surround yourself with the social media buzz. Here are the three websites that I recommend you join and let people know about you and what you do.

This site needs no introduction, with already five million users in the world, facebook is an important part of creating an online presence. Once you have created your account, make sure and search for people that either want to work online or already working online. Now utilize everything facebook as to offer, make training videos, leave a comments on your friends profile, and let people know what you are doing.

Everything that twitters is the truth…well not really but you look around and you may notice that everyone is twittering. Pro athletes, the news media, and even president Obama himself have all used twitter to create a social media buzz. Go create a twitter account and start following people, make sure they follow you back. Follow like minded people and you will soon notice that you have created an online presence that people are interested in.

Now everyone I know including myself have used youtube for either finding something super funny, a movie trailer, and a how to do it yourself video. Knowing that you use youtube to research, its important to build an image as well. Start making some videos about different ways to make money online or whatever you have learned and upload it on youtube. People love to watch videos and when they can see your face, this will build credibility that you are someone that’s real.

Strategy #2 – Follow Successful People

If you have ever read the science of getting rich (Download Free Copy Here) or believe in the positive thinking aspect of life then you will know how important it is to hang out and follow successful people online. One thing that can be said for everyone that has been successful is they all started in the same the bottom. These people knew what it took and took action to make it happen.

There are a few different ways to find and follow successful people. The first would be finding a mentor sometimes referred to as a “guru”. Now you do need to be careful when choosing an online coach as there are to many that just want to take your hard earned money and really never tell you how they run a successful online business. Here is my top three online mentors that you should know and follow.

1. John Thornhill (Johnthornhillmasterlcass)

2. Omar Martin (sellingfornewbies)

Do you think I should of added Edson Buchanan on there? just kidding..sort of 🙂

Now joining forces with someone that is already successful will help you succeed online a lot quicker but if you don’t have the money then I suggest you hang out and start chatting with like minded people at the warrior forum. In my personal opinion the warrior forum is by far the best place to find people that are learning how to make money online.

Strategy #3 – Take Action

This is where 95% of all people FAIL! just like anything else you like to do, the only way you will succeed with online marketing is to take action. so what does take action really mean? it means giving it the time and dedication marketing deserves to succeed. you see anyone that is successful online all had to take action, they put in the time and there efforts paid off.

Really what it comes down to is simply the guardian of wisdom can show you the blue print to making money online then tell you how much work its going to take and if you never take that action then you will never make it. This business request a small learning curve and then the time to implement what you have learned.

Now I know what you might be asking yourself…I just don’t have the time to learn and I really don’t have the time to implement what I learned? I’m gonna be honest with you, that is straight BS! think about what you like to do and see what you can cut out to make the time. Working out at the gym, watching the latest episode of LOST, watching NFL football all day Sunday oh and lets not forget about Monday night football. You see the list can go on and on with excuses why you cant take action.

The bottom line is you could be the coolest person on facebook with the top of the line marketing coach but if you don’t take action and put in the time this business needs for you to succeed, then it means nothing!

So those are the three most important steps to successful marketing strategies. I hope you have learned a little about what it takes to succeed online and I truly hope you will see success. Now at the very top we discussed what it means to be successful online. Some would say Money while others could say friendships build around the business.

This is strictly my opinion – what I feel makes someone a success online is they are able to help other people out. They are able to give a helping hand and in return they build trusting relationships with a lot of  great people. If you can do this, the money part of the business will come just as easy.

Alright remember to leave a comment as I love to share the knowledge I have learned over the years!

To YOUR Success,

Edson Buchanan

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