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When it comes to wed design graphics, the only company I have used since joining the Internet Marketing World is Planet Divinity. They are simply the best company with the highest quality of web designs. They are efficient, speedy, and willing to work with you on any project.

One of the biggest mistakes new Internet marketers make is trying to create those amazing looking sales page or even a eye catching opt-in page. Now in order to be able to make some good graphics, they are a few things you can do. If you can afford photo shop cs 3, you are definitely on your way to creating good looking graphics, oh lets not forget buying the how to video that will take you months to learn. Now the price of photo shop might turn you to buy some of those software that create instant sales pages and ebook covers.

I’ll be honest, I tried creating my own eBook cover one time and it looked like crap, I mean basically the program I purchased for ten bucks was worth exactly what I paid for it. The eBook cover looked so bad, I had to convenience myself that it looked good.

Planet Divinity

So I decided to concentrate more on the marketing part and have a professional do the sales page graphics. So I started viewing other Internet marketers sales page and I finally came across who they use, Planet Divinity.

The very first sales page I had Planet Divinity create was my eBay auction sales page. Right there and then I knew I found a company that cared about their customers just as much as their work. I highly recommend Planet Divinity.

They have created all the sales pages to the following websites:

  1. Auction Traffic Formula
  2. My eBay Store and Auctions Templates.
  3. Resale Rights Explosion
  4. Halloween Costumes Online
  5. DigitalDirect4u

Now Planet Divinity does more then just sales pages. They make full ebook websites, adsense websites, and custome websites. They also make eBook covers, cd covers. They have all the digital media you could think of.

Last thing I have to say about Planet Divinity is they always work with you. If you need something changed or don’t like the way a certain thing looks, just email them and they will fix it right away. These guys are professional at what they do and their work really shows it.

Whether it’s high quality professional looking 3D images designs, pre-made AdSense and Clickbank Websites, custome website templates designed around your product or just top notch advice that will steer you in the direction of all the BIG Internet Marketers, Planet Divinity is the only place to go.

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