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A great way to drive targeted traffic back to your website or affiliate offer would be through online marketing forums.  Here are a few tips that will help you succeed with forum marketing. Now online marketing Forums usually consists of two different type of people. The first would be the type of person that is searching for information on a particular subject. The second type of person would the type that gives the information away that people are looking for. The reason forum can be so effective is if done correctly you could easily find what you are looking for and even better you could market yourself as an expert through online marketing forums. Make sure and view the video below and watch  learn what you need to do in order to market yourself through online marketing forums.

So the next time you are at a forum make sure and promote yourself as an expert. Don’t be the guy always giving looking for answers but become that guy that can provide answers as well. This will build your reputation as someone people can turn to when they are searching for a specific question.

Do’s of Forum Marketing

  • Sign up with your full name
  • create a signature
  • Make sure and fill out the profile
  • Read and Answer questions by researching on Google
  • Help others out by providing what they are looking for

Don’t Do’s of Forum Marketing

  • Don’t answer questions with a short answer like “Thanks”
  • Don’t do reviews on your own products
  • Don’t Spam people with PM’s

As long as you are willing to help others out with through forums, you will notice that you can easily find like minded people who are going to be willing to help you out in the future. The guy you make friends with might be the guy that turns into a million dollars and doesn’t forget who helped him in the start or who his/her internet marketing friends are.

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