No Nonsense Niche Selection by Robert Harris My Complete Review


Niche selection can make or break your affiliate marketing success especially if you are brand new to online marketing. Pick to competitive of a niche and your just wasted hours of your life competing against top marketers that are ready to kick your ass and eat you for lunch. Now when Robert Harris (Very Active Warrior forum member) released No Nonsense Niche Selection, I knew I needed to get a copy and give my complete review.

Now of course if you are tired of reading, you can always just watch my video on YouTube but for those that still love to read, here is a quick break down of what I thought about No Nonsense Niche Selection. First we should learn a little about the creator, Robert Harris has been a very active member on the warrior forum and from what I can see, allot of people love his work. It was easy to see that inside the thread to No Nonsense Niche Selection.

The first thing I noticed was Robert was giving away a video series along with an eBook to teach you how to do Niche selection correctly. I actually enjoyed reading the eBook but I’ve always been a video kind of guy. So what did I think?

No Nonsense Niche Selection was very well written and to the point. I was happy to see Robert didn’t spend allot of time adding extra content just to make it seem like a bigger book. He seriously skipped all the Bullshit I see in allot of other reports and really went straight into what you need to do to find a profitable niche. Now the video series was very well put together and again he skipped all the bullshit you see and only provided information that will help you have online success.

Finally I would like to add the price of No Nonsense Niche Selection is very reasonable for the amount of information you will gain. I know Robert could of easily charged $37-$47 dollars but instead kept it on the low end because I feel he truly wants to help people have online success.

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