New Google Buzz – Move Over FaceBook & Twitter!


Alright so do you remember Star Wars? you know the battle of good vs evil, Luke and his father Darth Vader? one of my favorite parts about it was the ever controller powerful empire the dark side.  Now in today’s modern time the only single organization that comes close to wanting to control (and almost has done it) the entire universe…GOOGLE….Introducing The replacement to Twitter and Facebook…Google Buzz.

Now that’s not a bad thing, you see for the most part Google has really made it easier and better with allot of the programs that they have invented. So its no surprise that they have now joined and created a new service niche that have been dominated by facebook and twitter. Google Buzz is a new networking tool that is going to bring some competition to other social networking sites like twitter and facebook. But will Google Buzz be able to last in the hard fought arena?

Now if you are asking me, my answer would be “YES” simple put Google Buzz is an upgrade to your already well established gmail platform. Its simply a new feature you can use while you check your gmail. Now The buzz is going to be hot, I can tell you right now…the idea of using a twitter like feature with your gmail allowing you to communicate with friends and family while offering Gmail messaging, video chat, and other services such as Google Maps especially when used from your smart phone is going to be the biggest winner of 2010 guaranteed.

If you are like me, then you hate having to go to different websites to get the information from your social media groups. This is where Google Buzz comes in, it will immediately allow you to interact with people you contact the most through Gmail. You will be able to share photos, videos and status updates. Now get this, you can even follow shared information from others people and everything you gets sent to you gmail account so you can keep a record of it. Now this does seem to allow cluttering in your gamil but I’m sure Google will fix the problem.

Now you can integrate Flicker, Twitter, Youtube, and Picaso with Google Buzz so there is really one last question you must answer. Are you ready for world domination from Google?

Just like the evil empire that tried to take over the universe while fighting off just a hand full of Jedi’s, Google as become a step closer in ruling what we as the users do in our everyday life. They have made it easier for us to enjoy the things we love about the Internet in emailing, chatting, and now sharing.

May The Force Google Buzz Be With YOU!!!

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