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When I started selling digital products on ebay around a year ago, I never thought that I would make enough income to be named a powerseller with my ebay store. After joining the 90 day powerseller challenge, I new selling digital products on ebay was going to be a big hit. Well, April 2008 came and ebay makes a huge change to their digital delivery system, so big that you could not even sell those types of items anymore.

Was I made, angry or frustrated? Well, I have to say all of the above. I was making around $2500.00 a month with the power of ebay traffic and they took all that away from me overnight. This would make anyone want to quite! and that is what I did, until Now….

After talking to a few other ebay marketers, I was confident enough to know that the market is just as big as it was and with 70% less competition, more sales where to be made. On July 1, 2008 I took the necessary steps to show the ebay buyers that I was a professional looking business that would offer them the best quality products with outstanding customer service.

Wecome back digitaldirect4u!

Of course with this new transformation, it will take time to see my sales reach above 100 per month, put I guarantee that I will be there within three months. I will be posting everything I did to create my ebay store on my blog in the upcoming weeks. Make sure and sign up as the posts will be password protected.

Do you have questions? Leave a comment and I will give you an answer.

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Edson Buchanan is a successful internet marketer who has helped hundreds of people work from home. He provides top quality training and is also the founder of this blog.

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