Michael Jackson dead At Age 50 1958-2009


While driving back yesterday from the family vacation to Disneyland in California, I was thinking about what I should write about to my readers, should I break it into three parts covering everything we did on the family vacation or just one huge post that would go on and on talking about wild life safari to universal studios and Disneyland, I never expected to hear the death of Michael Jackson.

These are one of the moments I will never forget in my life, at 3:56pm while listening to talk radio in the am channels I hear Breaking News…Michael Jackson rushed to a near by hospital pronounced dead from a cardiac attack.

I immediately called a good friend because I had to hear it from someone else, from a real voice that the news was true, Michal Jackson dead. As my friend explained the way he felt about the situation, I knew it was true and I knew that the world just lost a legend. Since I still had another 450 miles to drive I also had time to think about something I want to share with you below but now I want to talk about Micheal Jackson.

First I would like to remind everyone to please show some respect for a man that has just died, please do not leave negative or crude comments as I will surely delete them. Micheal Jackson was an icon that was adored by millions who appreciated his music and dance.

I remember the first time I watched thriller on MTV, at such a young age I was both scared and excited about the dance moves Micheal had, the moon walk was one of the most dazzling moves I have even seen from a dancer. I will truly miss the man that inspired so many to copy but could never get it right..the moon walk.

some of my favorites song from Micheal Jackson was Thriller, Billie Jean, Man in the Mirror, Black or White, Man in the Mirror,heal the world, you are not alone, the list could go on and on, that was how great Michal Jackson was as an art est.

On the day after his death, the last thing I want to bring up his any of his legal crap that was always pushed on the news, instead I want everyone to listen and remember what kind of legend Micheal was and how he truly was the king of pop.

most of the You Tube Micheal Jackson videos are disabled but I was able to find this video that showed what kind of performer he was, man, all I gotta say is Mike really new how to dance and I know most of the dance moves that have come out since him is a direct image of trying to be him.

Now here are some videos i was able to find that showcases what kind of art est and true talent Micheal Jackson was, rest in peace and may god bless you and your family.

although Micheal Jackson has many songs that inspire the whole world, this last song is one of my favorites because of some of the things I have gone through in my life, you are not alone by Micheal Jackson is by far the best song I have ever heard from him. what ever Mike meant by this song, I hope his family listens and hears the words that I will never forget…

Another day has gone
I’m still all alone
How could this be
You’re not here with me
You never said goodbye
Someone tell me why
Did you have to go
And leave my world so cold

and finally the last thing I wanted to talk with you about is life and how short it really is. I mean Micheal Jackson was only 50 years old and as much shock as the world is in the truth is, know one knows when there time has come to an end.

weather it was a normal death, medical problems, or even an accident, you will never know when your time will come, that is why I encourage you and everyone you know to live your life to the fullest, do what you have always dreamed of, if you have been thinking about starting your own business, going on vacation, changing jobs, having a child, or just planting a tree, please take the time now to do it. life is very short and before you know it, its gone!

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson!

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