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Jeffery Baxter Jr is relaunching hist most successful marketing program Mastermind List Building 2.0. As a current member of Mastermind list building I can testify that Jeff has actually helped out (including me) hundreds of people make thousands of dollars while starting their own internet business.. Now this time Jeffery Baxter is planning on helping out thousands  of people make millions of dollars with Mastermind List Building 2.0. Now the question is..will he actually be able to do it? Watch the video down below and get my complete review of Mastermind list building 2.0 plus inside look into the membership.

A little about Jeffery Baxter Jr –

Jeffery Baxter is a small town Texas boy who used to make $11/hr working in a factory. After learning about internet marketing, Jeff quickly start making money online and now earns a five figure income. Sense Jeff used to work a regular job and truly knows what it means to work hard for your money, Jeff really considers himself just an “average Joe” not one of those “money hungry gurus” that are out to take advantage of people.

Just like many other people Jeff took a chance (everyone thought he was crazy), Jeff took $3000 that he had earned from his factory job and began to learn how to make money online. Now at the beginning, just like many have done and many will continue to do, Jeff ran into many scams and even at one time felt hopeless about making money online. Jeff finally caught a break when hanging out inside a forum he learned about list building.

A few months later Jeffery Baxter Jr continued to follow what other successful marketers were doing and then start implementing some of the things he had learned along his journey. Jeff knew in order to be truly successful online, eventually he would have to be known by others…and that’s exactly what he did to the figure of 10k inside his paypal account each and every month.




Jeffery Baxter Jr Mastermind list building is a great course that really teaches people how to make money online while building a responsive list. As many people know the money is in the list. Mastermind list building is laid out so anyone can sit down and watch the step by step videos and begin to build a list right away. Unlike those thousand dollars list building products, Jeff has really set himself from the rest of the marketers by giving away so much for so little. Anytime you can hang out around like minded people, you will eventually start to succeed as long as you are able to put the time and effort into it. From my personal experience, I was able to learn a lot more from Jeffery Baxter then from those five thousand dollar coaching program.


Although Jeffery Baxter has created a mastermind center where people can learn from each other, besides watching the Mastermind list building videos, there does not seem to be very much interaction between the members inside the private members club. Now this could be due to the fact that Jeff has set a very live skype group but more interaction inside the forum would be nice.


The fact still stands that if you are going to succeed online, you will need to build a mailing list. The problem is if you are brand new to list building, the process can take a while and can be time consuming.  Most would agree that the hardest part is getting to 1000 subscribers. Now list building is a numbers game (subscribers + click-rate = success), don’t expect to make thousands of dollars right away just because you have reached a couple thousands subscribers. As long as you have time, dedication and patience, you will succeed with your online business.

This is the end of my review for Mastermind List Building 2.0.

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