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Social marketing is growing more and more each day. YouTube has been a way to connect with millions around the world instantly with the power of videos. After six months of getting it all set up I have finally completed Marketing 4 Newbies My YouTube Channel.

If you are looking for answers when it comes to Internet Marketing, then you will need to sign up for Marketing 4 Newbies. This is going to be the place where you can turn to when you need answers. First I want to say that this channel is dedicated to everyone from the beginner to the advanced. There is going to be a wealth of knowledge for everyone to be able and learn and hopefully make some money with.

Now a little about me:

well as you have hopefully have guessed my name is Edson Buchanan and I have been an Internet marketer for around three years. When I first started, a lot of the learning curve I did it on my own. I picked up ebook and read almost everything from what is ftp to making money online.

Now the problem when I first started out was finding the information from different sources and long ago I told myself that I would one day start a site where newbies would be able to come and learn about the basics of Internet Marketing and eventually learn some advanced things as well.

Now I have always been good selling on eBay but I wanted to step out of the loop and learn what Internet marketing is and what it can do for me and my family. In 2006 I met John Thornhill – This was really the guy who changed my life and taught me everything I was not able to learn on my own.

So Marketing 4 Newbies will teach you everything you need to know about Internet Marketing and how to make money online. This is a participation website – if you have a question, please drop me a line and I will answer within the next video.

what you will get from Marketing for newbies

  • Product Reviews
  • How To Videos
  • Internet Marketers Interviews
  • Easy Methods of making money online

The best part is you can sign up to my YouTube account and be part of the learning curve. Every video I upload will have an open comments box, so you can email me or just ask away in the comments box and I will answer your questions.

Not only that but if you ask a marketing question, I will make sure and add an url on the video to your personal website. Internet Marketing 4 Newbies is about coming together and learning how to make money online so one day, we will all be able to live that real American dream that is missed as each generation passes.


If Your Hungry For Success I Can Help But You Must Be Hungry To Succeed!

To Your Success,

Edson Buchanan

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Edson Buchanan

Edson Buchanan is a successful internet marketer who has helped hundreds of people work from home. He provides top quality training and is also the founder of this blog.

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