How To Make Money on eBay.


After making money on eBay for the past three years selling nothing but digital products, I’m still asked the question, “Can you make money on eBay fast?” When I answer with a simple, “Yes you can easily start making money on eBay.” The very next question that always comes to mind is how do you make money money on eBay?

Alright so I got a little short story to tell about a good friend of mine that put me up to the challenge of duplicating my success on eBay. You see, it all started when my friend John Miller admitted to me that he truly believed my Auction Income Formula program would not work due to the simple fact that eBay already has thousands of eBay sellers selling digital products. John insisted that there were just too many sellers and not enough buyers to even make one hundred dollars a month selling digital products on eBay.

I first asked John a very simple question, “If I told you there was a lake that was full of cash but there were a lot of people already swimming around collecting the money for themselves, would you jump in and collect some of the cash for yourself?” John looked at me a little funny but before he could answer I went to say, “Now I’m not talking about making millions from this lake but what if you could jump in and start making enough money to pay for your car payment, then maybe even your house, would that interest you?”

John finally started to realize what I was talking about but he still doubted that my program would work. I asked him what I had to do to prove to him that my program worked, to show him that using the Auction Income Formula would make him money on eBay. I already had two eBay stores selling digital products – digitaldirect4u and online marketing solutions so what would it take?

I still remember the look on his face when he simply said, “I challenge you to do it again Edson, and I challenge you to create another eBay store, sell digital products, and show me that although eBay has thousands of digital media sellers, you will still make money on eBay while selling nothing!

I guess John didn’t understand how eBay works; he didn’t know that it is an auction based site, that it didn’t matter if I had a brand new store or a store with thousands of feedback. This is the reason that eBay made the best place to start making money fast; it was an auction based site!

The eBay Challenge July 2010

Although I already knew how to create a successful eBay businesses, I wanted to prove to John that I could follow my own program and make money fast on eBay. The first thing I had to do was decide on another name that would create another profit pulling eBay business. I chose to use my own name for my new eBay store: edson buchanan. The reason I decided to go with my own name was it had nothing to do with selling digital products and it wasn’t even a catchy eBay store name. Following phase I, I created my new eBay store edson buchanan on July 13, 2010.

The next phase gave me a list of products I could sell on eBay. John was surprised to see that my program gave away already pre-made sales templates to list on eBay. He didn’t know that I provide everything you need to start making money on eBay fast. So continuing through the phases I moved on to the next phase and listed some of the products on eBay. I wanted to show John how easy it was to make money on eBay I only listed around five products on eBay.

After setting up my new eBay store in a matter of hours, John started talking about how easy it was and now it’s the moment of truth. I starting laughing at John and told him that he almost forgot about the next phase — traffic generation. John looked confused as he remembered I told him that eBay was an auction site that produces buyers every minute with new ads all day long.

I explained to him that this was true but told him, John lets say you were a merchant waiting your turn for the buyers to look at your store, what if there was a way to get those buyers to view your products before your time even came, what if you could get targeted buyers to look at your auctions way before they ended, do you think you would make even more money on eBay? John went on to say yea that makes sense of course you would make more money. I opened up the traffic generation phase and John finally understood why I was so successful on eBay. I smiled and told him that you gotta be one step ahead of the competition if you want to succeed online.

You know I started this challenge in July and now it’s November 2010.  I simply wanted to prove that Auction Income Formula worked for me not once, twice, but three times!! I wanted to show John that it was easy to make money on eBay fast. So below is the stat for my newest eBay store. Like I said above, it’s not a million dollars but it is a great way to pay for your car and eventually if you put the time and effort into it, you could even pay your mortgage. Don’t be surprised if you see more screen shots in the future as I wanted to show my profits grow month to month…

My eBay Store Discount Media Factory  (named changed in 2012)

I’m pleased to say that once John saw what type of money I was making selling digital products on eBay, he invested the $4.95 to get started and is now working online. Since creating my third eBay store, I have helped John create his own blog and his own eBay business which I believe he talks about at his blog.

John really enjoyed Auction Income Formula and was pleased that I included how to make money with eBay classifieds, how to make money with your about me page,  and finally an awesome private members eBay sellers club where he got up to the minute updates and additional training material that covered eBay and beyond!

The bottom line is if you have struggled and have even failed to make money online or are just looking for another simple way to add another profit stream to your business, I now challenge you to start your own eBay business. I personally guarantee you will NOT fail on eBay as long as you follow my step by step program.  So you know what I have to offer is more then just eBay, I want to personally show you how to succeed online and start making money fast.

To Your Success,

Edson Buchanan

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