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One of the biggest lies you can be told when starting to work online is simply “the money is in the list”. When I first heard those golden words, I took several months to build a list of 10k subscribers and to be honest with you, I almost couldn’t breath the first time I sent out an email to my entire list. I knew that I have finally reached success and now it was time for the money to start rolling in.

So I waited patiently by my phone waiting for the Paypal rings to come through, I mean I found a great offer that said it had an out of control conversion rate so it was only a matter of time before I would start seeing that in your sleep money. Well guess what?

The money never came.

I was able to get a total of three rings on my phone telling me I had a Paypal notification. Thank god I was so determined to make online marketing work otherwise if I let that day set my path, I would be still working for the “man”

Yep that was me marketing around three years ago but these days I’m doing list building right and making way more money then I know what to do with..just wife and kids know exactly what to do with my hard earned money.

Now when my good friend Jeffery Baxter contacted me on Facebook and asked if I could review his new list building course List Dominion, I was more than happy to see if Jeff was teaching the wrong ways of list building or really revealing the keys to successful list building.

The cool thing is I was able to get Jeffery Baxter to come on and do a live hangout with me and we talked about list building as well as his new product List Dominion.

List Dominion Review

I first checked out the sales page to make sure it didn’t try to hype list building up. I’m tired of seeing these over hyped sales pages talking about how you can build a massive responsive list within just a few days when its completely not true. I enjoyed the short video on the sales page where Jeff breaks down the product for the viewer to understand.



I thought the price was extremely reasonable for the amount of content you would be getting inside the membership. Now lets move into the membership area so you can see what List Dominion is all about and why I feel you should invest in this course.

List Dominion is broken down into three modules.

The first module shows you the basics of list building. How to sign up for an List Dominion Affiliate Program, How to sign up for get response..etc.

The second module covers how to start driving traffic to your squeeze page. Now when you get people to sign up, there is already a funnel in place for you to start making money online.

The final module teaches you how you can get your list to trust you and how to close deals over the phone.

There are a few unannounced bonuses that I don’t want to reveal but it is quality content.

Overall I thought List Dominion was a good list building course, especially if you are brand new to email marketing.

Great Job Jeff on another superb product!

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