List Building: Double or Single opt-in?


Hey Fellow Internet Marketers,

From the start of learning how to make money online, the most talked about subject any new marketer will be told is build a mailing list. As the saying goes “The Money Is In The List”. The bigger and better your list the more successful affiliate marketing  campaigns you will have. Now something that is less talked about and somewhat controversial is what type of opt-in to use, Double or Single Opt-in?

Now I’m sure many of you have different views on this, and I would love to hear them. As I’m talking to different marketers on sykpe its come to my attention that some use double opt-in while others single opt-in. Some state that they have a better conversation list on double opt-in while others state that they have built a list of 7k within a few shorts months with single opt-in.

Now before we go any further I just want to give all the new guys a bit of a understanding between the difference of single opt-in and double opt-in.

Single Opt-in

A Single Opt-in agreement is simply when a person provides their email address to a company or website once. You sign up for a newsletter or updates but never receive a confirmation email from the company.

Double Opt-in

Double Opt-in is the preferred method for most email marketing companies. When a person signs up to receive messages and updates about your company through email the proper method is to then to immediately send a message to that email address confirming your subscription. Messages commonly read “You have just signed up to receive our newsletter. Please click here if this is correct.” When you click the provided link you have just confirmed your double opt-in.

This is really the basic difference between single and double opt-in. Now I have personally been using double opt-in since my list building started. I agree that you will build a list quicker with single opt-in but I’m not sure you will get as a responsive as double opt-in.

Now there are many reason why double opt-in subscribers never confirm. Some might just add a fake email, others might really not be that interested in the information and finally they some just plain forget. Regardless of what they do, the good thing about double opt-in is you will have it on file that they confirmed to receive information from you.

Which comes to the trouble with single opt-ins, I personally believe that it leaves you wide open to spam complaints, and people putting in false email addresses in order to download your free ebook or whatever you are offering.

In the past people have always advised me to go for double opt-in as its much safer. Now I’m not going to change to single opt-in anytime soon but I’m not saying that I’ll stick with double opt-in forever either but I wanted to post here to get your views.

(I’m sure you have one!!)

I would like YOUR feedback on the methods YOU use to build your list …

Do you use single or double opt-in?

Have you had any negative effects from using single opt-in (or double for that matter)?

What are your thoughts, whether you are building a list right now, or you are a subscriber to people’s lists?

It seems that single opt-in lists build twice as fast, BUT does a double opt-in list weed out the less serious people by default?

I would love to read your thoughts and experiences 🙂

Edson Buchanan

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