Learn From The SuperBowl Champs… Da Saints!


Before we get started I want to give a shout out to the city and people of New Orleans. Congratulations on winning the 2010 Superbowl title game. With all the hurt and pain since hurricane Katrina, I hope the saints have been able to brighten up the day. So did you watch the Superbowl? if you didn’t, let me be the first to say you missed out on the best super bowl since the undefeated patriots lost to the New York Giants in the final minute of the forth quarter.

Now what I was told was Peyton manning and the Indianapolis Colts where supposed to come in and stomp the New Orleans Saints to the ground, I mean when you have an already hall of fame quarterback playing against drew brees which by the way was cut by the San Diego charges, its easy to guess that the heavily favored colts would win the Superbowl. so what happened?

Did the Saints have more “Heart”?….NO  Did the Saints just play better then the Colts?….not really. Da Saints won the Superbowl because of chance…Coach Sean Peyton’s decision to play a risky game and took chances lead the Saints to there first ever Superbowl.

By half time, it was easy to see that the game was evenly matched and really I thought the Colts where going to start to pull away. Now who really kicks a on side kick at the start of the third quarter, and even more bizarre what teams thinks they are going to get a on side kick.

And even thought it didn’t work, going for it with fourth and a yard from the touchdown line was a risky chance most coaches in the NFL would not make in the biggest game of the year, but Sean Peyton is not most coaches.

Now I’m going to turn the story into a new direction and ask you a simple question. When was the last time you took a chance? Where you afraid of failure or did it pay off? Everyone has a dream to be rich and make money online but how many really take the chance to let it happen.

Now when I refer to chance and Internet marketing, I’m not referring to buying every single product that launches from the gurus with the promise of making you thousands if not millions of dollars. Chance, risk to me means actually finding something you believe will work and actually trying it out for a three to six month period. Risking the fact that this really might work in the end of even may not.

Most people may not know that chance plays a big part in our everyday life,  In everything you do, you take a chance. Positive and negative chance surrounds people with every step taken. Its what they do with that chance that makes them or breaks them. which do you want to be?

As for Sean, Drew and the rest of the New Orleans Saints,  all they needed to win the biggest game in the NFL Super Bowl XLIV was a chance to show the world what they where made of. Congratulations!!!

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