John Thornhills Coaching Program Review Part III


John Thornhills Coaching Program was an easy decision for me and I hope you know why after Part I and II. The first week of the program started back July 7th 2008 and continued until October 20th 2008. So what have I learned over the last sixteen weeks and will it help me create a better Internet business.

Well, I’m not knew to Internet marketing but I can truly recommend John Thornhills Coaching Program to new and advanced Internet marketers. If you are thinking about or want to follow a real life Internet marketer, John is the guy you want to be with.

I’m going to break down week by week what I learned and hopefully give you a better understanding why this program will work for you. lets start with week I.

Week 1

although I already knew how to set up a domain name and email accounts, I really liked the way John taught his members. The material was easy to read while the videos where clear and to the point. The one thing I did learn was how to chose a good domain name for my new blog.

Week 2

Now I have wanted to create a blog for a few months so when John showed me how easy it is to set up a blog, This program was already starting to pay for it self. oh just so you know, this is the very blog John helped me set up. Once again, the material was easy to understand.

Week 3

I understood that the program was for newbie as well as advanced marketers so when John gave an extra week to set up your blog, I completely understood from a newbies point of view why John did this. Since I already had my blog set up, I decided to see what I could do to improve it. I started asking around and quickly implemented so great ideas.

Week 4

Now that I had a great looking Blog, it was time to start thinking about what I wanted to write an eBook about. John does a great job revealing his methods to picking his next eBook idea. Now since I was already an eBay PowerSeller, I knew that I wanted to write something about eBay. I read and watched all of Johns videos and then found what I was looking for.

Week 5

Well, John wastes no time, I had my idea and wrote it down on paper, now it was time to start ordering the  domain name and sales page. Well, john has done it again, John was able to get me a huge discount for my sales page. I started This week was when things started to roll. John showed how to start writing my first eBook. There is even a huge bonus that is well worth joining this program for week V.

Week 6

John does a great job giving you plenty of time to finish your product. This week, he gave me some more tips on how to improve my ebook and shared what he does when writing his own eBooks. I was happy to see that my first product was well underway.

Week 7

Now that my product was almost done, it was time to starting adding all the files together and create my first eBook. John gave me some great videos showing me exactly how to set up my first eBook. Although I already knew how to do some of things, I really enjoyed reading and watching what John was teaching. Now it was time to start getting ready for the sales page. Once again, John gave me a bonus that I never thought would be included inside this program.

Week 8

I thought creating a sales page was going to be so hard. I was even considering having someone do it for me. Now John walked me through creating a sales page to the point where I was able to follow along and had a great looking sales page in a matter of hours. Again the bonus from Week VII was what really helped me create the perfect sales page.

Week 9

John gave me some more tips to improving my sales page and then went into creating my thank you page. Besides the thank you page, John showed me why it was important to set up an auto respoder for my new eBook.Now John wastes no time and showed me how to get my ebook and sales page on ClickBank. Although I new a little about clickbank, I was happy to learn Johns methods. Now it was time to sit back and wait for clickbank approval.

Week 10

Now that I had my first product on ClickBank, It was time to create an affiliate page so other people could start promoting my new eBook. I loved that John gave me an affiliate page where I just had to update and add my content. This really made creating an affiliate page very easy.


Now that I had my first product done and an affiliate page created. John showed me how and why its important to create a mini course for my new product. I must admit, I really never thought about the idea John shares. I quickly created another way to create more sales for my new product.

Week 12

So everything was done with my first product. Now John was giving me ways to increase traffic to my sales page. This week, John showed me a very easy way to increase targeted traffic that will lead to sales. I started to implement Johns strategy.

Week 13

Again, John showed me some more ways to increase traffic to my new product. Some of the ways I already knew but there where others I never thought about. I was really pleased that John went beyond creating my first product. John again proved to me why he is such a great coach and mentor.

Week 14

I always wanted to know how to get JV partners. I was excited when John showed his method on seeking JV partners. I knew that my new product would be getting alot of views when I started to implement affiliate marketers to it. I quickly got a hold of five JV partners and had them promoting my new product.

Week 15

Now it was time to create a short report or free bonus chapter that would get people excited about checking out my new eBook. John once again over delivered showing me show easy it was to create a brandable bonus chapter.

Week 16

I’m going to leave this a secret, its really that good what John does for you at the end of his program.

The reason why I can recommend John Thornhills Coaching Program to you is simple. John has never failed me, he has always over delivered with his training and I would trust John with my entire online business. I became part of the program and learned a lot more then I ever knew. Even though I have been an Internet marketer for two years, I learned a lot for John.

Since I started online, there is one thing that has really never changed and that is, in order to make money your going to have to spend money. Now how you spend your money is the difference between winning and losing. If you want to succeed you will need to create your own product.

I have seen other mentor online charge up to $250 bucks an hour for there time and actual programs running around five to ten thousand dollars. Now I know you should be able to make money with that type of investment but I will tell you right now John Thornhills Coaching Program is only $500.00.

Compared to other programs, John is really showing that he wants you to learn and start to make your own online business. Now John does have a cap on his members so make sure and sign up so you can stay notified.

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