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John Thornhills Master Class launches in less then 24 hours. I was part of John first coaching program and I have never been so excited about this Master Class. From what I have learned John is going to create a product right in front of your eyes while helping you create your own product.

I also have learned that before the coaching program is done (36 weeks), you will have two websites completely ready to make you money and build your subscriber list. Once your done with the program, John will give you access to it so you can reference back for your next product.

Last thing I was able to get my hands on is that John is going to give you access to him via telephone. WOW! he has set up an emergency line where you can contact him when you are stuck and need immediate help. Now not only will you be able to access John via email and Telephone but he was also hold live seminars where you will be able view what John has to offer.

For me, taking Johns coaching program was an easy choice. I knew that I had the motivation and dedication to create a product I would be proud of and others would want to promote it as well. so here live to the Internet I want to once again Thank John for everything he has done for my Internet Marketing career.

So now its time for the bonuses. What will you get when you purchase John Master Class through me? Well, I thought it would be easy just to show you on video then talk about it.

Click Here To View John Thornhills Master Class Bonus Page!

man, do I look tired in the video or what, need to get some sleep 🙂 Sorry I sound a little rushed but it I had been working for 24 hours straight! LOL

I have got a load of emails asking me what the unadvertised bonus is about. I will tell you right now, you will really like it and the only clue I will give its an incentive bonus to get your product done.  I guarantee you will see success in 2009 if you join Johns master class.

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