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John Thornhills master class will help anyone achieve success in 2009. John has personally worked with me and I can truly say that much of my success has come directly from John Thornhill. You need to watch the video he created showcasing how he will personally help you succeed! check it out below.

I hope you have has a chance to take a look at the short report written by my good friend and mentor John Thornhill. The report talks about what you need to do to succeed and really how you will fail. He lays out the truth about what most people do and after I read it, I had to admit I was once like that.

When I first started working online three years ago, I was literally buying a new product every three months in hopes that it would show me how to make money online. I was seeing a little result but having to learn something new every three months started to get tiresome. I was starting to think that making money online was just another one of those wishes… then I met John Thornhill.

At the time of meeting John, I was trying to learn how to make money selling digital products on eBay. I had heard of informational products but really didn’t know how to sell them online. After signing up for the 90 powerseller challenge. I quickly became an eBay powerseller and started to earn some pretty good money online.

Over the next year or so, John would teach me how to create an email list and how to sell other peoples products from clickbank. I think the biggest difference between John and all the other marketers I had run into was John was always there to help.

In July of 2008, I remember receiving this email from John that stated “Your Success Starts Here”. After reading it, John talked about the two ways to make good money online. Create your own product and build an email list. Creating your own product would allow for other marketers to promote your product creating sales for you and the affiliate marketer and building a mailing list would keep those customers coming back for more sales in the future.

So in July 2008,  I took on a journey that would last sixteen weeks. John would help me create my first product and launch it on clickbank. I worked around three hours a week and on October 16, 2008 my first product, Auction Traffic Formula launched.

It has been a little over three months since the launch and the greatest part about creating my first product is that I now make a few sales a day and I can truly say that John was right, you need your own product to succeed.

On that note, I encourage anyone that has wanted to make money online or start there own home based business to take a look and see what John has to offer. From the start you will notice that John is a great leader and will help you ever step of the way.

Now everyone loves bonuses! sign up for my blog updates because here is a few days I will be launching John Thornhills marketing masterclass bonus. This will be one of the biggest and simply the best bonus you will ever get from a product launch.

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