John Thornhill Coaching Program Review Part II


If you talk to many Internet marketers there is one thing you will always hear them talk about. Creating your own product. The next thing they will say is how they can help. Now I have dealt with a lot of Internet marketers and even tried some of their ideas but the one that really shines has to be the one and only John Thornhill Coaching Program.

The last time we talked about John Thornhill, I introduced you to how I met him and the many ways he has helped my online business. With less then one week to go, I would like to talk about the product I have created within the last sixteen weeks.

When I first joined John Thornhill Coaching, I already had in mind what I was going to write a book about. Since I have been selling on eBay for over five years, I had to come up with something eBay related. So with the help of John I started to research the eBay niche.

The first thing I noticed was how many eBooks where on click bank about how to start selling on eBay a beginners guide. I mean if you never even heard of eBay before, there was enough how to beginners guide that you could easily start selling. The only problem would be which one to buy!

Then there was the advanced guides that showed ways to create money with the eBay affiliate program and how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with eBay. Since I no where around that kind of profit, I was sort of stuck where I wanted to go. I mean a beginners guide was well used up while the advanced guides I could not compete with.

There was one major similarity between the beginners and advanced eBay guides. Almost 95% of the sales page mentioned nothing about who they where on eBay. You would think if you are going to write about a selling on eBay, you would let everyone know who you where as a seller on eBay.

This was one of the biggest tools John Thornhill used on his sales page. He reveals that he is an eBay PowerSeller that trades with the name Planetsms. Right away I could see how this would create a since of trust between the seller and the buyer.

Now I am a PowerSeller on eBay and I do make some pretty good money doing it. So I knew that I would want to reveal who I was and give that since of trust to everyone that would read my sales page. But I still didn’t know what I was going to write a book about.

After receiving numerous emails asking me to help increase their eBay sales, I knew what I had to write about. I would show the world how to increase their unique visitors thus creating more sales for their eBay auctions and Store. I emailed John with my idea and he replied that it would be a great product.

So after fifteen weeks in Johns Coaching Program I’m proud to announce my first product.

Auction Traffic Formula

Now Johns Coaching Program went way beyond just creating an eBook. John program helped me create my affiliate page, thank you page, and opt in form. Then the program helped me get it listed on click bank and promote it for sale.

This is the end of Part II of John Thornhill Coaching Program review. This week I just wanted to show you what I have created within the last fifteen weeks. The last part is going to be an inside look of what you will learn and achieve with John Thornhill Coaching Program.

Now since I will go through the program week by week, I believe this deserves a little more then just a normal post. In order for you to view part III of John’s program, you’re going to have to sign up for my blog. Next week, I will send an email to my readers with the password.

If you’re on the fence or really want to know what you will learn with John Thornhill Coaching Program, I suggest you sign up right now.

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