John Thornhill Coaching Program Review Part I


If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that one of my favorite and most respected online marketers is a PowerSeller that actually sells on eBay, John Thornhill. So it should be no surprise to you that when he created John Thornhill coaching program, I immediately got excited about the opportunity his coaching program would give me.

Now before I give you hundreds of reasons why you need to join John Thornhill’s coaching program, let me give you a brief history on how I met John and what he has done for me and my business. It was around January of last year when I decided to get back on board selling things on eBay. I knew I wanted to start making some extra money but I didn’t know what I was going to do.

I had tried whole sale in the past and was making some really good money selling video games but the work started to take up all my time. I mean when you get in three boxes of over 250 video games, you will quickly notice how much time it would take to list. Besides that, the hours waiting at the post office YUK! That was the main reason why I did and did not want to restart my business.

I wanted to go to home depot and buy a washer and dryer. I knew that eBay was a great place to look for home depot coupons that would save me at least 10% to 20% on my purchase. So I quickly did a search and found something that caught my eye – “Stop Buying Home Depot Coupons, Source Revealed”

Now I would love to get unlimited amounts of home depot coupons and with a price of only $4.95, I decided to buy it. After I made the payment, I received a download link that would give me an eBook. I opened this eBook and to my surprise, it was only three pages long. I read it in few minutes and quickly checked out the websites provided. I found a 20% coupon and was satisfied that my purchase did exactly what it said it would.

Then it was like a light bulb flickered above my head, I just paid five bucks for information I could of easily found myself. Right there and then I knew what I would be doing on eBay. I did a search on ebooks and was amazed to see how many people where selling digital information.

Now since I never have sold digital products on eBay before I would have to find someone that was an expert in it. Now I did my research and found three top sellers, John being one of them. Now after researching about the three Internet marketers, I went with my gut feeling and joined John Thornhills 90 Day PowerSeller Challenge.

Anyone that can guarantee you will become a PowerSeller in 90 days is taking a big risk to their name. I mean what if this program didn’t work, I just gave this person hundreds and never make PowerSeller status. Well, this was totally not the case. Not only did I become a PowerSeller but I was starting to make some really good money selling digital products on eBay.

Once inside the 90 Day PowerSeller Challenge, I gained access to other Internet marketers that were willing to show me the ropes. I can now say without the help and support of the membership forum, I would not be where I am today.

OK, so life was good, I started to make $1000’s per month on eBay and a few hundred more with affiliate marketing and my own eBook store. I knew that the more I invested in good resale rights, the more money I would make.

Then in April 2008, eBay did away with selling digital products on eBay. I mean, over night I went from selling on eBay to asking myself what am I going to do now.

Well, Just like the type of guy John is, I checked my email and John was already talking about what to do next, how to take this eBay change and turn it into a positive situation. At that every moment, I was so glad I knew John Thornhill, I knew right there and then, he cares about his members more then what kind of money he makes.

So after relaxing with my family over the summer, I decided to implement what John had taught me and just as he guaranteed, I once again started to sell digital products on CD ROM on eBay. Just like before it did not take long for my business to take off and I started to see money in my Paypal account once again.

So as you can see, I have most of my eBay business in the hands of John Thornhill. I can tell you right now that if John said here is a new way to sell on eBay, I would change that same day to what he said.

Now that you know a little about John, I hope you can see why it was an easy decision for me when he created John Thornhill Coaching Program. The hardest part was actually making into the program. You see John lives in the UK, while I live in the USA. So there is a little bit of a time difference.

when John said that his coaching program sold out in less then twenty minutes the first time, I figured I had no chance making it in. So I opened the emails with the expectation that it would already be sold out. You should of seen my face when I opened the email and it said “one spot remaining” I clicked order now over and over to get to the payment page. When I finally paid and got the first welcome to the program email, I still could not believe I made it in.

The program would be a sixteen week course that would guide me through creating my first eBook from start to finish.  I was so excited about joining, my mind was on overtime that night.

this concludes part I of John Thornhills Coaching Program review part 1. stay tuned as I  go over what I have learned over the last sixteen weeks in part II of John Thornhills Coaching Program.

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