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If you sell on eBay or you are thinking about starting an eBay business, I would recommend you pay close attention to eBay keywords as it can be the difference between a bidding war selling; selling your item for maximum profit or an item not being sold at all. I want to show you how you can improve your eBay auctions with keywords.

Now over at my YouTube channel, I actually made a video showing you step by step how you can use eBay’s advanced search to find keywords that have sold. Remember we are trying to target more visitors back to our own auction listing to increase the sale price.

The example I will be using to improve your eBay Auctions with keywords will be digital media because inside one of my training videos on Youtube I show my viewers how to Make Money on eBay Selling Nothing. But remember you can use this method with anything you are selling on eBay.

First thing eBay allows eighty characters to go into the auction title so you need to make sure and use all eight characters with targeted keywords about your product to get the most views back to your auction listing. This alone will improve your listing within eBay and also in the organic search.

Alright now eBay has a special feature that allows you to see what items and have sold and what keywords the seller used to get the most out of their auction. The example I will use is the keyword “Master Resell Rights” and “Private Label Rights”.

So the first thing we well to do is enter the keywords into the search bar that we would like to target then click search. You will see a the live auctions that are on eBay. Next in the left hand corner you should see an option called “Show Only” below that option you will see Returns accepted, completed listing, and sold only. Make sure and click on the sold only option.



Now we can see what products have sold on eBay by the date as well as the amount and finally what was sold. I hope you are starting to see how you can easily improve your eBay listing by adding different keywords to your listing. Now if you wanted to look by the price, you can change the price as well. Alright lets look at the keywords “Master Resell Rights”


Alright so when we enter different keywords, we can see a list of different eBooks and software that have sold on eBay and again what they sold for. Now you might be wondering why these products are being sold so cheap on eBay. What the eBay seller does is basically give away resell rights products that are loaded with affiliate links back to other products.

The reason they do it is because it Works! This is one of the fastest ways to find a targeted audience that most likely will buy even better products through their own affiliate link. Compared to paying for traffic with FaceBook advertsing or Google adwords, eBay is way cheaper and you get a targeted lead as soon as they buy.

When you watch my Free eBay course How To Make Money Selling Nothing on eBay, I teach you how to list an eBay classified and even give you some keywords to use. Now if you are not seeing many sales, I would recommend you improve your eBay auctions with keywords. By doing a quick search on eBay and seeing what is selling you will come up with better keywords to use with your auction.

Just by looking at the two examples above you could easily change your keywords to things like:

Download 1000’s of Private Label Rights & Master Resell Rights Products For $1

Gain Access to 1000’s of Master Resell Rights & Private Label Rights eBooks For $1

Let Me Show You How To Make Money Online With Private Label Rights Products  For $1

I hope you are getting the idea of what can happen when you improve your eBay auctions with keywords. All you need to do is spend a little time researching eBay and find different keywords to use with your listing. Now the eBay classified system allows you to have a classified for 30 days. I recommend if you don’t see any sales within the first ten days, change your keywords around and see what happens.

The most important part of eBay is making sure you research and find the keywords that will attract your buyers. Now if you still need help, just leave a comment below and I will make sure and respond.

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