How To Improve Your eBay DSR Detailed Seller Rating


eBay has now added a new program that will give your eBay business even more traffic, sales, and income. Although being an eBay PowerSeller makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd, you now have to also become an eBay Top Seller. The only way to become an eBay Top Seller is to make sure and have a high DSR which stand for Detailed Seller Rating.

In This eBay Tip I’m going to give you some ways to improve your DSR so you can achieve the eBay Top Seller Program. Remember when you become a PowerSeller with a high DSR, you will will automatically see an increase in traffic which will equal more bids and lead to more sales.

Item Description:

When you list an item on eBay you need to make sure and have an accurate item description. Before you submit your item, take a look at it really carefully and see that you have not missed anything a buyer would notice. Taking pictures is always a great idea as you will be able to show the eBay viewer what the product looks like. As long as you give a good description of the product for sale, you should easily be able to get a five star for the product description. If your selling eBooks or digital products make sure and include an ebook  cover or box that represents what you are selling.


As an eBay seller, communication between you and the buyer is very important. Make sure and set your eBay business to automatically send out payment notification as well as shipping notification. You can do this inside your eBay store under the sellers managers pro > automation preferences. Also make sure and answer any question your buyer may have quickly or within forty eight hours. If it takes you longer than forty eight hours, make sure and start your reply message with “First off, I’m sorry for the delay in responding”. If something came up in your life, let them know so they can understand.

Shipping Time:

Make sure and always ship the product to the auction winner within a couple days. Never wait a week to ship and expect to have a happy eBay customer. Most eBay buyers are willing to wait two – three days for there product. After that they start to worry that they might of been scammed. If you can; provide them with a tracking number so they can know when there product will be there. This will also protect you as a seller in any paypal disputes.

Shipping And Handling Charges:

Years ago many sellers would have a low auction price with a high shipping charge. I don’t know about you but I used to hate getting charged a arm and foot for shipping. This is one of those detailed seller rating that I agree with as its really cut down on the amount of over priced shipping. Bottom line is never over charge for shipping as I know I don’t like and I’m sure you don’t either.

Alright that’s the end of my eBay tips. Now the last thing you might need to do is remind your customer to leave positive feedback and to fill out the DSR rating so you will get credit. With so many new eBay users buying things every day, they might not know about the changes and its up to you to show them how.

As long as you follow my eBay tips above you should become a top rated seller on eBay within a few months. Although eBay has added many changes to there already long list of policies, I still believe eBay is a great place to start a home business.

There is really no other website that will provide the amount of traffic for basically nothing.

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