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Are you an eBay seller? if you are or even if you are thinking about starting an eBay business, this might be the most important article you have ever read. I hope this never happens to you but I was just like you and figured it would never happen to me. After all, I’d been an eBay seller for over ten years with over ten thousand feedback, whoever would of thought eBay would decide to ban my eBay Seller accounts.

Make sure and watch my Youtube video Rant…LOL Yea I’m pissed!

Well this horror story starts out in September 1st 2014. After having a great weekends of sale (I think I sold around sixty items) I was doing what I regularly do on a Monday morning, logging into eBay and preparing my orders to be shipped. I think I had shipped around ten orders when I clicked on my next order to be shipped and I got this message.



Now I had dealt with the MC999 eBay account has been suspended in the past but something was different about this particular suspension, it said that a user id dylan_mommy  which is restricted is associated with this current account. Now I knew my wife had created an account back in 2004 called dylan_mommy but it was never used to sell. I figured this must of been a mistake and decided to call eBay.

If you have ever called eBay, you know the wait time can be out of this world, (Don’t expect to talk to an eBay representative at least thirty minutes) so I decided to loggin into my other eBay account and sure thing, I had gotten the same message. Now I want you to think for a minute, what would you do if 60% of your monthly income just disappeared within a matter of minutes and you really had no understanding why. Lets just say I was a little upset.

The Bad News…

So after what felt like the longest wait in my life, I finally was chatting on eBay. I explained to them that it must be a misunderstanding, the account dylan_mommy was created in 2004 and was never used. I went on to say that the current selling accounts were all Top Rated Sellers. The eBay representative pretended that she cared and then put me on hold. After what it seemed like hours of waiting (I’m sure it was just a few minutes), she came back on and said that the decision would not be overturned.

WHAT THE FUCK!!! (excuse my french)

Now I was angry and asked why, I again reminded her that my account have been suspended because of an account that has not been used for over eight years. The eBay agent said that she was sorry but I was banned from selling on eBay for Life! She didn’t give me anymore reason just kept saying that it was the final decision. After talking to the eBay agent I realized that it was pointless.

I literately sat their asking myself is this a nightmare, I hadn’t done anything wrong and eBay just took away 60% of my monthly income. I quickly searched on Google Banned on eBay and to my surprise I started finding several stories just like mine, stories about eBay banning good honest sellers without reason. I started learning about how eBay is trying to take away the small business owners.

While searching through Google I came across a site called Auction Stealth a complete guide to getting back on eBay. I knew I needed to do something to replenish the 60% income I just lost and purchased a copy of Auction Stealth. I have to be honest with you, I didn’t even know that this was a major problem on eBay, I never thought eBay would be banning eBay for life because of Bull Shit.

Now before I started using the strategies laid out inside Auction Stealth, I decided to give eBay a call and ask for an appeal. It didn’t take long for them to get back on the phone with a final decision, “You have been banned for life”.

I knew I still wanted to use eBay as a source of income and decided to use what I learned from Auction Stealth.

The Good News..

Actually their was a lot of good news that came out of this. First off I was able to focus on other parts of my online business including building a bigger list as well as launching my newest membership site Resell Rights Plus. Although I had lost 60% of my income in a matter of minutes, I could now concentrate on other parts of my online business.

A few weeks after getting banned on eBay, I used the strategies I learned from Auction Stealth and I’m happy to say I’m back on eBay. Although I don’t concentrate as much on eBay now, it still makes up around 20% of my online income and it is still a great place to get targeted visitors. Now that I’m a part of the Auction Stealth I can no longer reveal my eBay username.

I hope through this article you have learned a few things I was able to learn within the last 30 days of my online business.

Don’t ever think eBay is a nice company because they are not, they will (I’m living proof) shut your business down for no reason what so ever, I know you might be thinking; this will never happen to me but I’m sharing this with you because I thought the same thing.

Don’t ever rely on just one company to produce 60% of your online income even if its eBay or Amazon. You never know when they will NOT have your back and you will be in the same boat I was in 30 days ago.

And finally read up on How To Get Back on eBay even if it has not happened to you so you know what you might have to do when it does.


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