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First thanks for stopping by and reading my Hot Item Finder Review Plus My Bonuses. I’m about to reveal to you one of the greatest pieces of software for anyone that is looking to make a full time living on eBay. This is seriously game changing…

Now if you’re anything like the majority of people, we love to watch videos. Here my video review showing you how you can find the hottest selling items on eBay in just a matter if seconds…


So … what is Hot Item Finder and how can it benefit you?

First, this software can be used by eBay newbies looking for hot items to unload on eBay … or by more advanced sellers looking for new product ideas or keywords to insert into their marketing content.

Second, the software offers features that cannot be offered by any other software program on the planet!

Third, the product owner has provided several instructional videos guiding you to auction success.

You see, Dave Guindon, the product owner is also an experienced online marketer as well as an advanced software developer. So he knows how to deliver quality products along with how to use the products to your advantage.

Not many product owners even attempt to over-deliver as much as Dave does!

Here is a short list of the powerful features this software provides:

  • Find all the HOT ITEMS on eBay in minutes !!
  • Search 4 different eBay sites! …,,, and
  • Generate Hot Items from current and completed auctions !
  • Analyze EVERY eBay category for HOT ITEMS !
  • Generate the TOP 100 popular search terms from each main category !
  • Find the hit counts for all the hot selling items !
  • Search eBay’s online keyword database for the best words to put in your auction titles and descriptions !
  • Give sellers a great idea for what items to sell on eBay !
  • Use the popular search term generator to create very attractive auction descriptions !!
  • SAVE a HUGE amount of TIME at eBay?
  • Analyze a particular category to see with one contains the most items!
  • Find out how much your competitors are selling their products
  • Increase your sales by adding popular search terms in your
    auction descriptions and titles !
  • Find products in your market that are selling !
  • What are the best words in the current hot item auction titles !

Lastly, Dave Guindon offers an unbelievable 365 day money back guarantee!

So you basically have nothing to lose …

Thanks for reading my Hot Item Finder Review Plus My Bonuses which I’m about to reveal to you right now.

My Exclusive Hot Item Finder Bonus:

When you pick up your copy of Hot Item Finder, I will include these amazing bonuses to help you out with your eBay marketing efforts.

Bonus #1 - Part Time Auction Income

Part Time Income Auction

If you currently have a day job, you might also interested in finding some extra cash isn't it? Well, you can do that using the power of your computer and the internet.

You might be wondering, how can you do these things. Well, the good news is that, inside this product package is a series of video tutorial on how to make money online from eBay and Amazon and you can do this after your work.

Bonus #2 - Amazon / eBay FaceBook Store Generator

FaceBook Store Generator

Instant Facebook Store Builder

How to Turn your Facebook Page Into a Money Making Amazon/Ebay Store in less than 5 Minutes!

* No Technical knowledge Required

* No Installation

* No Uploading

* No PHP Scr!pt Settings

Just copy and paste the HTML Code we provide and Your Facebook Page will be turned into an Online Store.

You Can Build a Mini Facebook Store in 2 Easy Steps

Bonus #3 - Thirty Minute Skype Consultation

eBay Skype Consultation

Here is your chance to get a thirty minute Skype Consultation and learn how you can start a successful eBay and online business. Now remember time is money so make sure you know what you want to talk about.

We can discuss how you can create a full time income with eBay and I will reveal to you my wholesale companies I use to make money on eBay.

How To Claim Your Bonuses:

Step 1 – Buy Hot Item Finder By Clicking any of the links on this page review.

Step 2 – Send Me an email to bonus @ with subject Hot Item Finder Bonus. You will need to include your Paypal receipt.

Please wait 12/24 hours for a reply

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