Good Bye 2008, Welcome 2009!


Hi Everyone

Well, another year has flashed us by once again and now we are already headed into 2009. Let me ask you a question? are you where you want to be in life? do you enjoy going to work, being married, staying single, going to the gym, staying home, have you truly asked yourself if this is where you wanted to be by 2009 or any new year that is?

The reason I like about the beginning of a new year, is it gives us a chance to act on what we have been lacking for the better part of the year. People gain a little excess weight, now they are headed off to the fitness club with the motivation and determination that this time its going to be different, its a new year!

I believe everyone (myself included) fall into the new years resolutions that for 90% of us come to a bitter end within three months of that oh so happy new year night!

So will 2009 be different for you or will it be a repeat of the last new years, how did you do in your Internet business? did you fail, have some success, achieved great success, or did you give it all up completely?

I started Internet Marketing around two and a half years ago, and I can truly say that although I did not meet all the goals I set for myself in 2008, I’m excited what 2009 will bring for me. I will spend the next few days, going over the goals I achieved in 2008, and setting up the goals for 2009.

I would like to present you a cheat sheet for 2009 that will boom your Internet marketing business and show you how to succeed as an online marketer. Now it wont be easy, and it will take time and dedication. but if you truly want to succeed online here is what you have to do.

The most important thing of all is create your own product. You will need to take the time and layout a plan to create a product that will be appealing to buyers and affiliate marketers. Now this does not need to be done within the first month of the new year. In fact, I would try and create a new product every three months. So by the end of next year, we all should have four new products that should each be making us some money.

I saw some great success in 2008, but none like October 16, 2008 when I launched Auction Traffic Formula. Creating that one product for me, took me to a new level and gave me a complete understanding why you need to create your own product.

Now maybe you need help getting started and you really have no idea how to create a new product. John Thornhill’s Coaching Program is really the best program you will find. I have worked with John for the past two years and he is really one of the best mentors you can find. He will take you be the hand and set you up in a sixteen week course that will have you with your very own product on clickbank with affiliates promoting it.

Go get a piece of paper and write down the months of next year. Then set some goals for your self and follow through with them. Don’t get stuck in the new years resolution where it only tends to repeat itself every 365 days 🙂

To Your Success In 2009

Edson Buchanan

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