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After checking my email today, I noticed an email from a good friend of mine John Thornhill. I immeditally opened it and noticed that he had written a short report titled “How To Avoid Failure in 2009”. I automatically new that this would be some good information he would be sharing.

As you may know John Thornhill is one of the people I give my complete success to. He is truly unique and I strive to be just like him in my online business. Now I’m not talking about making the hundreds of thousands but more of the character John has. When you help others, success will come.

So here is the free short report from John Thornhill.  Please take a few minute and read it and then come back and comment on my blog. Together we can share positive information.

How To Avoid Failure in 2009

I want to give you a chance to read it. In a few days I will be writing another post about what I thought about it and what I plan to do for 2009.

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