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Do you know what Twitter is? well I gotta admit, I was on the same boat as many of you where until I got an email from a good friend Omar martin last week. Twitter happens to be one of the fastest growing revolutionary communication tools on the planet. Even President elect Barack Obama has a twitter account which happens to have the most followers in the world!

But what exactly is Twitter? Watch the video and find out!


So basically Twitter can be used as a relationship building tool which allows you to show case what you are doing in your life at that exact moment in time. For instance, when your done listing things on eBay, you could tell your followers about your new items, or when your latest and greatest product is about to release, you could share it with your followers. In fact, I’m already starting to see the potential in Twitter and I hope you join me today.

Now Twitter has dozens of “apps” and websites popping up that support it for sending not just quick updates, but pictures and even maps of where you are right now. Twitter works with your Laptop, PC, and MAC users. It even works with your iPhone or cell phone. It is my predication, as well as Many, that twitter will become a must have tool for your online business and family life. Start using it and start “tweeting” and watch how people start to follow you.

So here is what you need to do:

1. Join Twitter

2. Follow 10 people you like (search for the people)

3. Make your first “tweet”

I also HIGHLY recommend you install “Twhirl” (Google it) Twhirl allows you to use Twitter more effectively, sort of like a an Instant Messenger Client like Yahoo Instant Messenger or AIM etc… So what Tweets are good? Anything really.

So you know, I will follow you forever as long as you don’t spam or talk trash. You will know when I have new products, make updates, or how I played at the basketball game. This will be a great way for you to get a lot of free things I plan on releasing the next few weeks and months.

If you do NOT have an account, Just click the BIG GREEN “Join Today” button and you will follow me and I will in return follow you!  If you ALREADY have a Twitter Account, Just click the gray “Follow” button under my picture and you are all set and I will in return follow you. Remember, download Twhirl (it’s free) and use it every day. This is JUST AS IMPORTANT has list building. I hope to see you on Twitter! I look forward to seeing what you are up to.

To Your Twitter Success!!

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