eBay Has 25c Fixed Price Listing July 16-29 2008. Start Selling Now.


As ebay has done every summer, they are saving some money for the ebay sellers. From July 16 through the 29th 2008. eBay is having a all fixed price items listed for only 25c.  This is a perfect time to look around the house and start selling.

eBay allows for almost anything to be sold on there site. Some hot sellers are Baseball cards, video games, comic books, etc.

eBay is very easy to start selling and buying. Ask the kids what they want to get rid of, you will be surprised how much some of their toys will sell for. Loook inside the garage and make a pile of things you no longer use. Dont forget that you purchased those items for something, that something would be the same reason someone would buy it on ebay.

Take a few days and find some things around the house, clean it up and get ready to start selling on ebay.

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