eBay Feedback Revision Launches Soon.


Brian Burke (Director for global feedback policy) said that there will be a new feedback revision starting the week of October 20, 2008. This is great new for all eBay sellers. Basically while the feedback revision process is initiated by a seller, buyers have the option to accept or decline a request. Buyers will have 10 days to respond and non-response will result in the feedback remaining. Only one request can be made per transaction.

Sellers should only send a feedback revision request to the buyer once they have addressed, to the buyer’s satisfaction, the cause of the negative or neutral feedback. They may also send a request if the buyer accidentally left incorrect feedback in the first place.

Sellers will have a limit of 5 requests per 1000 feedback earned within a 12 month period. eBay stats indicate that on average, sellers receive 8 negative feed backs per 1000 feedback earned, so the 5 per 1000 limit will enable sellers to address the occasional mistake, while at the same time not enable sellers with greater than average negative feedback to “cleanse their record”

So eBay will never admit to creating a havoc amongst the eBay powerseller, I do beleive that they are going to be making some more changes in 2009. I know that us eBay sellers would like the ability to leave negative feedback for those transactions that just go sour, but I do like the step eBay is taking to improve the feedback system.

I think eBay should give more requests as an incentive to establish Power seller status. In the past, I have had new eBay users contact me and say they didn’t not like their product. I sent an apology letter and refunded their money. A few days later, I check my feedback and the same buyer that got a refund, leaves neutral feedback. With the change to the feedback revision, I really like the idea of fixing what I already fixed.

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