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Shawn Brown (Ex Pizza Delivery Guy turned Internet Marketer) has just released a new product called Easy Throwback Profits. Shawn teaches his method where he made $2987.16 in 14 days without any marketing experience. I wanted to see for myself what this method was and needed to make sure it was actually possible to make that type of money without any marketing experience. As always you can watch my YouTube video review below.

 The Sales Page:


First thing you and I always look at before investing our hard earned money into a new marketing product is the sales page. Easy Throwback Profits sales page is very well put together without all the hype. I know it says Ex-pizza delivery guy which I always want to confirm that it is true but after talking with Shawn and doing some research, it was nice to learn that Shawn used to be a pizza delivery man turned internet marketer.

Further down the sales page, Shawn shows some screen shots of his phone showing some Paypal notices of payment which I thought was really cool. I know I’m always excited to see new Paypal notifications on my phone and its nice to see other marketers enjoy it as well. Shawn then goes into testimonials of actual people who have reviewed his new product and from the looks of it, it worked out very well for them.

Finally Shawn goes over some bonuses you will get when you invest in Easy Throwpack Profits and to be honest with you, a price tag of only seven dollars on a dime sale, makes this product well worth picking up if you want to learn a way to make some easy money online.

The Members Area:


Shawn starts out with a welcome video which is always good to see. I don’t know about you but I love when someone takes the time to say thank you and welcome as I just spent my hard earned money on their product and its nice to get somein trusting what they want to teach me. Now after the welcome video, Shawn goes over a brief overview video showcasing what you will learn.

Then there is the main course. The main course is really just one long video about an hour but it goes over everything you need to be able to implement his system to work for you. Shawn wastes no time and dives right into what you need to know which I really enjoyed because I hate when people waste my time. Just like all the products I invest in, I recommend you watch the entire video once, take notes and then watch it again this time implementing what you just learned.

Finally Shawn has some great bonuses that goes into more ways to drive traffic to your new way to make money online.

My Thoughts in a Nutshell:

I thought Easy Throwpack profits was very well put together. Now as a marketer who has been around for a while, I really knew what Shawn was teaching and already knew that it worked which was pretty cool because his method works! So many products really don’t work! Now if you are brand new to internet marketing and your looking to make some really good money within the next thirty days, I suggest you pick up your copy of Easy Throwpack Profits.

If you have been around on the internet scene and you already know about banner ads and how to get targeted banner ads, chances are you are not going to learn allot out of this course but there is still some great tips Shawn gives away that I didn’t even know. My overall opinion was you should invest into Easy Throwpack profits because its really affordable and you will learn something you probably didn’t know.

Great Job Shawn

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