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New eBooks, programs, and memberships are being created all the time. From Commission Blueprint to Michael Rasmussen’s Get More Buyers, you will always see a new product on clickbank to promote on your blog, email list, or mini site. I would like to show you a simple and proven method to double your affiliate sales guaranteed. The only way you can increase your sales with this method is to have your own product.

So you have found the next big item on clickbank and you want to promote it. If you have a email list and you want to guarantee some sales, offer your subscriber list your own product for free. if you look at it from a buyers point of view, this makes perfect since.

As a buyer, you signed up for a email list because something caught your attention about that person. weather they gave a free report, or some advice that would help you with your business. after signing up, you now start getting emails from them creating what I like to call a trust factor.

The buyers signed up for your list because of you, not because of the latest greatest product to help them make money, but because of you. So with this understanding you can see how easy it would be to sell them a product giving away one of your products as an added bonus.

So you would send out a promotional email and at the end you could say something like:

“For the next 25 buyers, I will be giving away my product (what ever your product it) for free as an added bonus. All you have to do is sign up for my link and email me the receipt”

Another thing that buyers love is to get a free 30 minute session via the telephone or eve messenger. You could even add a few bonuses to make your buyers understand that not only are they getting the latest and greatest product but they will get your bonus items as well.

I got an email last week from a customer of Tracey Edwards and here is what it said:

” You might like to know that I don’t often buy eBooks but did on this occasion because it was recommended by Tracey Edwards, the eBay classified lady” I look forward to reading Auction Traffic Formula.

As you can see, The power of your customers is a lot greater than the actual product itself. I personally know that Tracey gave out copies of her newest eBook Blog Cash and she was able to create over a dozen sales within three days.

Next time you promote a product from clickbank, make sure and give away something of value to your subscriber list and you will see an increase in affiliate sales.

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