Delta Keep Climbing


First I have to admit I’m so amazed that someone can be 38k feet up in the air traveling at over 600mph on a plane while writing a blog post, I can honestly say I’m extremely happy to be living my life during this period in time.

Well the family and I are off to Florida for a second time visit to Disneyworld for our oldest daughters tenth birthday.  Well actually its Sarah’s first time ever on a plane, traveling to Florida, and going to Disneyworld.

For a first time flight with all three kids, its going just about as planned, Dylan is playing mind craft on the I pad, Jadyn can’t sit still and needs to go the bathroom every five minutes, Amy is trying to sleep but keeps getting interrupted, and Sarah, well as three year olds go, wants the window closed, wants it open, wants the TV on, wants it off, keeps singing, asking for mommy, and so much more. It’s a great flight.

Delta Keep Climbing

Well behind the brand and slogan, Delta is a multi-billion dollar company so it would seem one should be able to learn something about how they utilize their own marketing upsell system.  I’m sure by the end you will learn a few ways to improve your own sales funnel.

Alright first let’s see just how much it would cost upfront if you were to buy just about everything Delta as to offer.

Plane Ticket: $350

Seat upgrade: $25

Luggage: $25 per luggage

Headphone; $2

Onboard Movie: $6 per movie

Online Web Service: $15 For 3 hours or (39.95 a month) continuality program for frequent flyers.

Misc. Food and Drink: $10

I’m sure I have missed a few things but this is the list of upsells I could find that Delta offers. So when we put all these Delta upsells together, the average person can look at spending per flight per person is $435. So right away we can see that $350 per person looks a lot better to the buyer then $435.

Besides they are only upsells, not everyone is going to want to use them so it would make sense not to include in the main price but rather have it as an option.  Some passengers might choose to watch TV while other passenger’s like myself would rather pay for the Internet service.

Now I would suggest you take a look at your own product and see what people would rather have as an option and make a sales funnel. Look at different ways to lower the price at the start and then upsell other parts of your product.

We as marketers can learn from big companies such as Delta.

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