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The creators of say that you can find great Internet business products at simply the lowest price anywhere on the Internet. They also state that you can easily make money by using the site and sharing it with all your friends. With so many websites claiming to help you make money while providing a super product at a cheap price, is deal dot com any different? is it some sort of scam? or can you really buy cheap while also promoting and making money?

dealdotcom was started last September and has become a true success for the online Internet business. I have been a member since it opened and I absolutely love what deal dot come offers. First off, Deal Dot Com is a retail website that sells products related to online marketing. Some of the kind of items you might find on deal dot com is eBook’s devoted to making money with eBay, affiliate marketing, and blogging, software packages that will help you create a membership site, or automate a process like auto posting your wordpress posts. The sort of products an Internet marketer would sell or use within their business.

One of the best parts of is that they offer one product for sale each and every day. The product is featured on their home page and you can buy it right their and then. The price is usually 50% off the regular price item. They even provide the link to the actual item so you can compare how much you are saving.

Every day of the year, there is only one product, and quantities are limited. When it sells out its out. There is nothing for sale until the next day. This causes buyers to keep coming back to check on the new deal of the day.

Another great feature of Deal dot com is that you can sell your own product with them. Its really easy to do it also. Just contact them and provide a sales page, thank you page, and how much you are willing to sell your product for. If you have a new product or an old existing product, this is a great way to make more money with it.

Now finally the best part of website is their affiliate program. When you sign up (which is FREE) to become a member you automatically become an affiliate. Now you get paid in three ways. First when someone buys an item through your affiliate link, when someone signs up under your affiliate link, and finally when when one of your affiliates gets someone to sign up under them, you make money. So with three ways to make money, you will see how easy it is to create your first affiliate sale. is one of those rare sites that really lives up to its hype. You as a buyer or affiliate marketer can visit the site each and every day and find something new to buy or promote.

I recommend you sign up for since its FREE and start saving and making money all at the same time.

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