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As I’m in the process of creating my first membership website, it was perfect timing that my good friend Kathy Dobson launched Crazy Cash Membership Sites. I knew this would be a great start to learning how to put together the perfect membership site.

The best way to keep your customers happy is to keep your information updated. The best way to do this is with a membership site. Now membership sites are great for a few reasons. The first is it allows you to sell a product that shows more value than just a ebook attached on a download link. Think about it, people love the idea of getting a personal log in. It makes them feel as though they are part of something.

The second is you get to build that subscriber list easier then trying to get people to opt-in. As soon as someone buys into your membership, you automatically get there name and email address which in turn you can provide products that they would enjoy.

and the third has to do with recurring income. Thing of a great idea then create it into a membership site and charge a monthly fee. The best part is these sites can be almost any niche. You could easily create a membership site selling eBooks. You can even create a monthly website giving away your Internet secrets once a month or even just a weight loss newsletter and charge anywhere from 9.99 to 99.95 a month.

So Now I have you thinking, membership websites sounds great but where do I start?

Crazy Cash Membership Sites is the perfect guide to walk you step by step in creating your very own membership site. Kathy has taken all the technical aspects and turned it into an easy to learn system. This guide is completely geared for the beginner that has never worked with membership scripts before.

I will tell you right now, you don’t need to be a computer genius to start your own membership website, in fact with the outsourcing information you will learn from Crazy Membership Sites, you will see that creating a site will be easy and the time spent on it will be very effective.

Crazy Membership Sites will guide as through the complete process of setting up your own membership then give you tools, tips,  and a load of valuable resources.  Check out some of the things you will learn from Crazy Membership Sites:

  • Discovering your niche
  • Choosing a membership script
  • Finding Content
  • Driving Traffic
  • Monetizing your site
  • Retaining your members
  • Joint ventures
  • and much more.

I can guarantee you right now, 2010 will be the year you will see a huge increase in membership sites. If you want to cash in by setting up your own site, then you need to invest in crazy membership sites.

I have purchased many products related to building a membership site. Some products I have paid some big money for. Kathy’s Crazy Membership Site is by far, the best investment you will make in learning what the big guys teach for such a low price.

Now anyone that invests in Kathy’s Crazy Cash Membership Sites through my link will also enjoy these products as an incentive bonus. I do want to let you know that this is only going to be for the first 50 orders. So buy crazy membership sites and get my crazy bonuses before its to late.

Bonus 1: Web Traffic Secrets (RRP $47)

— You Get It FREE! —

Everything you ever need to know about generating hordes of traffic with web 2.0 to your brand new membership website. Web Traffic Secrets will show you how to get thousands of visitors to your site every month.

Bonus 2: Impact Audio (RRP $47)

— You Get It FREE! —

Create professional, streaming web-audio players with just a few clicks of your mouse … even if you don’t know a single line of HTML code, and have never recorded a single audio file in your life!

Grab Your Visitors By The Ears, Dazzle Them With Professional Quality, Streaming Web Audio That Makes An Impact, And Watch Your Profits Soar … You Can Do It, In Just Minutes – With Impact Web Audio!

Bonus 3: CB Niche Builder (RRP $67)

— You Get It FREE! —

Discover the secrets of a super affiliate marketer who creates multiple high profit click bank niche sites within minutes. Find out how you can quickly and easily discover high profit affiliate products in the click marketplace and build instant niche sites, ready to make money for you as soon as possible.

Alright, so how can you get your hands on all these bonuses? but before I show you, its very important that you clear the cookies from your computer or else I will not get credit for the sale.  Once you have done that, all you need to do is Buy Crazy Cash Membership Sites through any of the links on this post.

Once you made your purchase, send me an email to

Make sure and include the click bank receipt as this will speed up the process of getting your bonuses. I will send you your bonuses within forty eight hours excluding holidays.

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