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Before my day starts, I need to make sure and give you my complete Covert Commissions Review. While I was down at Marketing Mayhem in San Diego, I was able to meet hundreds of new marketers in several different niches. It was really cool to learn from other marketers and see what they do online.

One marketer that stood out from the crowd for me was Cindy Battye. Now it could of been the really cool playing cards that she was handing out with the name of her new product Covert Commissions. Whatever it was, when I got home I knew I needed to take a look at her new membership.

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Alright as always, here is the video review about Covert Commissions –

Covert Commissions Review

Covert Commissions is a new membership that allows newbie and advanced marketers to basically have a done for you sales funnel for the hottest selling products on Clickbank and JVzoo. The user will have a members area and they will be able to buy what Cindy calls Missions to unlock more ready made sales funnel for the hottest affiliate products.

Covery Commissions Dashboard

The members dashboard is very easy to navigate and you will be set up within minutes. You will be able to promote Covert Commissions and then you can start buying new missions. These new missions are ready for you to promote and make money online with very little work. I was able to set up my account and start promoting within fifteen minutes.

Covert Commissions is a great membership but what’s missing?

Although Covert Commissions has the potential to become one of the best memberships on the planet, I feel the missing key is the life blood of any Internet Business. As an advanced Internet Marketer, I know that targeted website traffic is the key to online success but anyone that does not know how to get website traffic will not be able to make much money with Covert Commissions.

So my overall review would be if you know how to get targeted website traffic and you want a done for you system, I would highly recommend you join Covert Commissions.

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