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The hottest new, ‘gotta have it’ technology for social net workers is the ability to provide a window on their MySpace, FaceBook, or other web site page so visitors can send them an instant text to their cell phone

Chat To Text is the worlds first application that allows anyone you want to chat with you through from virtually anywhere on the Internet, straight to your cell phone. You can add ChatToText to your social network page. (Facebook, Bebo and Myspace) or people can find you through directly.

You’ll get HTML code that you simply copy and paste to to put Chat To Text on any web property. Your friends or anyone visiting your website can then click the link to send a message directly to your cell phone that you can reply to.

Features include: The ability to turn your chat window on and off. The ability to set a schedule of chat availability. The ability to block certain friends from texting you. The ability to save your chat history. The ability to customize your chat window with your photo and more.

ChatToText costs $5.99/month for unlimited text chatting through as many social networks as we support (currently Facebook and Bebo…MySpace and others coming soon).

Now adding this piece of code to any website will give you an advantage as an Internet Marketer. I mean imagine letting your customers text you directly allowing you to close that sale.ming soon).

ChatToText Affiliate program will allow every user to quickly and easily make money. Simply sign up and you will become an instant affiliate. So now all you have to do is send your affiliate link to your friends on your social networking sites, your own blog, and even make a post on twitter and you will make money.

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