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Vacation Profits

I’ve always believed it’s not a good idea to talk about your online profits. I personally think it deceives the new internet Marketer into thinking they can achieve the same success fast without putting in all the work. Now I’m not saying you can’t reach my success or even do better than I have but…

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Delta Keep Climbing

First I have to admit I’m so amazed that someone can be 38k feet up in the air traveling at over 600mph on a plane while writing a blog post, I can honestly say I’m extremely happy to be living my life during this period in time. Well the family and I are off to…

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I’m a Father again…its a girl

Well its been six years sense my last child was born and with the birth of baby Sarah I’m once again proud to be a father for the third time. My wife and I are back home and we would like to give a big Thank You for your support. baby Sarah is doing very…

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My New Blog – Thesis Review And Quixotic Media Testimonial

Alright after some brain storming and rethinking of what type of information I wanted to provide on my blog I have finally got a complete makeover. My blog is now geared towards helping people succeed online. Just like the headlines state,  this blog is intended for “NO HYPE MARKETING”. Now when I talk about no…

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New Google Buzz – Move Over FaceBook & Twitter!

Alright so do you remember Star Wars? you know the battle of good vs evil, Luke and his father Darth Vader? one of my favorite parts about it was the ever controller powerful empire the dark side.  Now in today’s modern time the only single organization that comes close to wanting to control (and almost…

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