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Protect Your eBay and Paypal Account From Hackers, Phisers, & More!

With so many criminals, trying to break into your ebay or paypal account, I decided to use an extra layer of security that has paid off for over a year. You see, Last May 2007, as I do almost on  a daily basis I logged into my ebay account and noticed something different from before.…

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Triple Your eBay Auction Traffic With eBay To Go!

 eBay To Go is a going to change the way we look at ebay in the social network. eBay To Go is a free widget or pieace of code that allows anyone (even non-registered users) to showcase one to ten favorite ebay items on thier blog or favorite social networking sites. eBay To Go allows you…

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eBay Has 25c Fixed Price Listing July 16-29 2008. Start Selling Now.

As ebay has done every summer, they are saving some money for the ebay sellers. From July 16 through the 29th 2008. eBay is having a all fixed price items listed for only 25c.  This is a perfect time to look around the house and start selling. eBay allows for almost anything to be sold…

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